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Make a New Year’s Resolution Not to Cause a Car Accident

Although millions of Americans are injured in car accidents annually, two-thirds of them suffering permanent disability and over one million dying, most of us travel by car daily without considering such sobering statistics. It pays to take a few minutes to focus on common causes of car accidents as a means to becoming safer drivers […]

Q & A: Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, being injured in a car accident is not a rare experience. Even so-called “fender benders” can result in serious personal injuries or even long-term disability. If you have suffered physical and/or emotional harm due to another motorist’s negligence, you are entitled to collect damages. This is the time when you require the services of […]

Whose Fault Is My Fall?

All human beings fall from time to time. We begin by falling as we learn to walk. Once we become steady on our feet, there are a number of reasons for us to lose our balance and end up on the ground. Most of the time, falls, particularly for the young and healthy, do not […]

How to Be Safer Riding a Bicycle in L.A.

Decades ago, bicycles were thought of as the vehicles of children, used primarily for the enjoyment, adventures and explorations of those too young to drive. As traffic becomes more congested, and the population becomes more worried about getting enough exercise and protecting the planet from fossil fuels, bicycles have become more popular on city streets. […]

Car Accident Sends Construction Worker Down 20 Foot Hole

Car accidents happen all the time in and around Anaheim. However, a recent crash in the city sent one construction worker plummeting down a 20-foot hole at a job site. At the Compass Law Group, our knowledgeable and experienced team understands that each car crash is different. If you or a loved one are injured […]

DUI Driver Injures 13-Year-Old Boy

If you have children, the last thing you should have to worry about is them getting struck by a drunk driver while they are outside playing. Unfortunately, we know that impaired drivers are everywhere. At the Compass Law Group, our knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to help you get through these situations. Today, our […]

Hit-And-Run Crash Severely Injures Man

When you are out walking in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas, you should not have to worry about getting hit by a driver. Unfortunately, we know pedestrian accidents happen regularly. At the Compass Law Group, we are ready to help. When you need a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer, our knowledgeable and experienced team […]

Vehicle Crashes Into Building, One Person Killed

When you are in or around your home, you should never have to worry about being struck by a vehicle. However, the careless and reckless actions of drivers are out of your control. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys are ready to help you today. We will investigate any car crash that has caused you […]

Swimming Pool Slip And Fall Hazards

One thing we know is that there are plenty of pools in and around the city. We know that the last thing on your mind is that you will need a Los Angeles premises liability lawyer, but the negligence of a property owner can cause major injuries around a pool. At the Compass Law Group, […]

Hit-And-Run Driver Injures Two People

One of the biggest problems we have on the roadways in and around Los Angeles is hit-and-run drivers. Some statistics show that more than 40% of all vehicle crashes in this area are hit-and-run events. Today, we want to discuss a recent crash that critically injured two people in our area. At the Compass Law […]

Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

If you are a motorcyclist, then you know there are more risks on the roadway for you than if you were inside a regular passenger vehicle. That is why you take steps to ride safely. However, you cannot control the actions of other drivers around you. At the Compass Law Group, we are here when […]

Big Rig Catches on Fire, Injures Three

The fun part of getting into your car is that you can go anywhere you want. If you have the time and gas money, getting in your for a fun weekend trip or day trip can be just the medicine you need. Choosing the path to get there can be just as freeing; although, must […]

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