10 Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Have you ever heard people with pets say that they didn’t choose their pet, their pet chose them? It is a sweet sentiment because it leads the listener to believe that fate brought the two together and not just choice. Some also think that this phrase is applicable to non-sentient things like, let’s say, motorcycles. Choosing to ride a motorcycle is truly a special choice that is not fit for everyone. Not everyone is ready for a motorcycle, but the ones who are are die-hard fans. Motorcycles are the symbols of freedom and being a rebel. However, as much as you love the symbolism you have to be ready for the risks while riding them. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident that was caused by the negligence of someone else then our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Compass Law group are here for you.

10 Common Accidents

  1. The leading accident is making a left turn. Why this is so complicated for drivers to see a motorcycle when making a left turn is hard to understand, but it is the most common accident. This is the reason why a 56-year old motorcyclist was sent to the hospital in Torrance as he was hit while a car was misjudged his distance and pulled out in front of the motorcyclist to make a left turn.
  2. Unsafe lane changes are risky behavior that causes major injuries. Even though California allows lane splitting, it is important to watch your surroundings
  3. Speeding does not give you the chance to assess your situation and it can also increase your risk for catastrophic injuries.
  4. Inexperienced driving whether it be you on your motorcycle or a new car or truck driver to the road. Take the time to educate yourself completely before entering the road.
  5. Driving under the influence is a no go for any driver, but it can be incredibly riskier if on a motorcycle. Since you have little protection surrounding you, getting hit by a drunk driver is almost like a death sentence.
  6. Sudden stops are dangerous because it requires those behind you to pay attention. Getting rear-ended can throw you off your bike and land you in ways that can cause some real injuries.
  7. Car doors are important to keep an eye out for because not every driver is sensitive to look before they open their door. It isn’t your responsibility, but defensive driving is important to consider.
  8. Motorcycle defects can cause unforeseen issues. Make sure you check your bike before you ride as well as any recall lists.
  9. Lane splitting was already mentioned but bears repeating. It is legal in California so if a car injures you in this way it is due to their negligence.
  10. Inclement weather and dangerous road conditions can increase your likelihood of an accident tremendously.


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