10 Top Dangers Of Riding A Motorcycle

Everyone believes that they are the exception to the rule until it happens to them. Everyone is susceptible to accidents, especially if you are riding a motorcycle. Those who choose to ride are just as likely as any other rider to get into an accident. No one is too important to get hurt either by riding irresponsibly or by getting hurt by a negligent driver. If you choose to ride a motorcycle then you are signing up to be an extra attentive driver. You have to pay attention to the weather and road more than any other driver. As a motorcycle driver, you must both driver defensively and offensively.
Our Santa Clarita motorcycle crash lawyers at the Compass Law Group value the brave souls who ride. We have represented so many clients who were injured due to the negligence of another driver. In most cases in the United States, motorcycles are hit because a driver was making a left turn or was distracted while driving. Almost always an accident can be avoided, but it requires one to pay extra attention to their surroundings.

Top 10 Dangers

Just because you choose to ride a motorcycle doesn’t mean that you deserve less compensation. Insurance companies will do all they can to low ball a victim or create barriers for them to get the compensation they deserve. Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are ready to help you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. It is not surprising that out of the top 10 reasons for a motorcycle accident the majority involve cars. Other drivers are the main reason why motorcycle accidents happen. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons for motorcycle accidents to occur:

  1. Getting hit head-on by oncoming traffic. Distracted drivers swerve over lanes and if they hit a motorcycle head on it is almost always a fatality for the rider and not the car driver.
  2. Cars making a left turn. For some reason, drivers don’t see motorcycles or misjudge distance, but this is a common reason for tragic accidents.
  3. Cars making emergency or panic stops. Because motorcycles are 70% front brake loaded, if they push on it too hard it can fling them forward over their bike causing major injury.
  4. Opening car doors. If cars don’t look at their surroundings they can severely injure an innocent rider.
  5. Cars changing lanes. Even though lane splitting is legal, it does not absolve car’s responsibility for looking out for motorcycles.
  6. Getting hit from the rear. Those who get hit from the rear are almost always propelled forward and their body suffers a major injury.
  7. Inclement weather
  8. Riding under the influence
  9. Gravel or debris on the road
  10. Speeding through curves or corners


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