2 Big Myths Of Slip And Fall Accidents

Have you ever fallen in front of important people or people you admired? It is so embarrassing. You fall and then everyone has to help you up and ask if you are okay. Falling is never graceful, but it can cause some serious injuries. As embarrassing as falling can be, if you suffer from an injury due to a slip and fall then you need to take it seriously. Our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP have worked with many clients who have had the unfortunate circumstance of getting injured due to slipping and falling. We have had so many that we have created a special part of the practice to slip and fall under the umbrella of premises liability.
You see, the truth is, that when someone is injured by tripping, slipping, or falling it is because the property owner, business owner, landlord, or corporation was negligent in taking care of the property. Any time a person walks into or onto a property, whoever owns or uses the property is obligated to create a safe space for the person to conduct ordinary behavior. That ordinary behavior includes walking. So what happens when you slip and fall? The first thing that happens is you go to a doctor for help. If you are injured then you need a doctor to state that you are injured and provide a plan of getting your help. The second thing you do is find legal assistance with our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys.


There are two major myths surrounding slip and fall accidents. Each myth is related to each other. The first myth is that attorneys are greedy and going after the state for money. The second is that people are lying or exaggerating about their injuries. Let’s cover the first.
Attorneys have the reputation of sucking up to other people’s money. Yes, attorneys can be expensive, but if they are good at their job then you should be getting the results you desire. Our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys do not get paid unless you do. So our incentive is to ensure that our clients are met with just compensation. We believe in settling in and out of court. We know you have bills to pay. The quicker we can close the case the faster you can get on with your life.
Second, people do not exaggerate. The million dollar cases are usually on 4% of all the cases. Because we all have phones and can easily check someone out, people scamming are few and far between.

What To Do

If you or someone you love was injured due to a slip and fall don’t agree to the insurance company’s first pitch to you. We all want to avoid court, but not at the expense of your unpaid medical and regular bills. We can help.


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