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$3 Million Payout For Slip And Fall

You may have never noticed, but silent contracts are made all the time between individual people. For example, when you drive through your favorite fast food restaurant you are entering a contract with the restaurant. By purchasing their meal they are promising you that you will not get sick from their food. If you do get sick then the restaurant is in breach of contract. Clearly, they did not follow the stringent rules and regulations to make sure that the consumer, you, do not get sick. If you do then you must seek legal assistance. In the case of a walker in Los Angeles who was hurt due to poor upkeep, he or she would call our Los Angeles Premise Liability lawyers, or more specific to this case, our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorneys at Compass Law Group.

Restaurants, businesses, and even public spaces must follow strict guidelines on how to keep an area safe for its visitors. Property owners or business owners are obligated to make sure that they have a clean and danger-free area for their visitors to roam. Regardless of whether the victim is there for business, vacation, play, or work, if the owners do not keep up with the environment then they could create dangerous space for visitors. If a visitor slips and falls then the owner can be held liable for the injury.

This is the case of a woman, Holli Breakfield. On New Year’s Eve, she was riding on the back of her friend when he tripped causing Breakfield to fall onto her head. This slip and fall incident required Breakfield to seek medical treatment which entailed many visits to the doctors. The severe injury she sustained prevented her from doing her normal routine such as going to work which in turn meant a loss of income. This is not the first lawsuit Los Angeles City has seen in regards to the infrastructure. From cyclists injuries to deaths on the city streets, the city has had to dip their hands into reserves in order to keep up with the settlements. The city budgeted for $68 million but has paid out almost $126 million.

The decision hasn’t been made yet, but the city may settle for $3 million as opposed to fighting for the $10.015 million Breakfield’s attorneys originally requested. When Breakfield was walking with her friend, there was a silent contract that the city keeps up with creating safe sidewalks. As seen from her injuries, they did not keep up the contract.

What To Do

Slip and fall injuries can be traumatic. Falling typically you land on your bottom, back, or head. Depending on your height, weight, and situation, these kinds of accidents can be extremely harmful requiring medical attention and long term recovery. If you or someone you love is experiencing pain from a slip and fall then our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorneys at Compass Law Group are ready for you.

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