6 Motorcycle Fun Facts

When you think of someone dangerous, who loves the outdoors, who loves the risk of driving fast, or who likes to wear black leather jackets, your first instinct isn’t to think of someone who drives a truck or a 4-door sedan. Instead, you think about the iconic image of James Dean on his motorcycle. You think of the famous book The Motorcycle Diaries which chronologically reports a rider to ride through Latin America. Motorcycles are the symbols of loners and tough riders who take risks and love hard. The motorcycle is the one vehicle your date better not show up on when they come to knock on your parent’s door. Even though the motorcycle gets a bad representation for being so non-conformist, there are some pretty interesting traits to know about the motorcycle.
They say that fear is dispelled with knowledge. So our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Compass Law Group in Anaheim want you to know some interesting facts about the motorcycle that are not meant to scare you, but prove that motorcycles can be dangerous. If you or someone you love is suffering from injuries due to a negligent driver hitting you while you were on your motorcycle then know that our attorneys at Compass Law Group are 100% on your side and ready to fight for you:

  • There are 3 states in the United States that do not require a helmet: Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire. The rest of the states require a helmet for everyone or for certain groups of people.
  • The highest months for motorcycle theft are July, August, and September.
  • The top stolen motorcycles were Honda motorcycles in California. Harley Davidson was the least stolen.
  • California, in 2016, had the highest amount of registered motorcycles in the nation.
  • Harley Davidson motorcycles are the leading manufacturer in the nation with around $5.6 billion dollars in revenue.
  • California is the first state to legalize lane splitting

These facts provide a mix of positives and negatives. Positives are that motorcycles are such a staple in American culture that they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. The negatives are that even though California has the highest amount of motorcycle riders and most accommodating by legalizing lane splitting, motorcycles are still seeing an increase in fatalities and accidents. Other facts include that riders over the age of 50 are more than likely to die while riding and 92% of passenger deaths are typically women.

What To Do

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders face a lot of stigma and bias. Just because a driver chooses a vehicle open to more risk does not mean that whoever hits them should not be held accountable for their actions. Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Compass Law Group in Anaheim are behind you or your loved one 100%. We know that just because you enjoy something different doesn’t mean that you deserve to get hurt.


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