77-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Dogs

You may not have seen this story last month, but we want to tell you about it because it highlights a danger that many people do not think about when they are out and about – dog attacks.
In early October, a 77-year-old Riverside woman was out for her morning walk when two dogs charged her and pinned her against a fence. They proceeded to attack her and left injuries to her hip and neck. Luckily, she was able to break free and get help.
Riverside County Department of Animal Services responded and found the dogs responsible for the attack. They say that the woman who was attacked did nothing to provoke the incident. The woman was treated at the hospital and was sent home to recover from her injuries.
The dogs somehow got out of their kennels that day. They were both seized and there will be a hearing to determine what will happen to them.
At the Compass Law Group, we know that dog attacks are more common than many people realize. If you need a Los Angeles dog attack attorney, you can turn to our experienced team for help.

The Reality

Did you know that more than 36 percent of households have at least one dog? There are nearly 90 million dogs in the US.
Nearly 4.7 million dog bites occur each year in the United States and the CDC tells us that nearly 1 in 5 people bitten by a dog require medical attention. We know that dogs have very powerful jaws and they can inflict serious soft tissue damage when they bite. This can lead to disfigurement and scarring in attack victims.
Not only to serious dog attacks require emergency medical attention, but they often require victims to undergo plastic surgery to restore functionality and appearance.
We need to note that children and the elderly are at most risk of major injury due to dog attacks because they are unable to fight back or get away.


There are times when a dog owner contributes to the situation by their negligence or careless actions.
In the story above, how did the dogs get out of their kennel in the first place? Did the owner leave it open? There are also times when dog owners let their pets wander without a leash, despite law that tell them to do otherwise.
If a dog has a history of aggressive behavior and is still allowed to mingle with people and other pets, the owner could be held liable for injuries if an attack occurs.

Your Options Now

If you or a loved one have been bitten or attacked by a dog and it was the fault of the dog’s owner, you need to seek legal assistance. We know how scary these situations can be and that recovery from dog attack injuries can be grueling, especially if surgery is necessary.
At the Compass Law Group, we want to help you secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We will work to make sure you have coverage for your medical bills. We will also move to secure pain and suffering damages and punitive damages.


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