A former FedEx worker receives settlement in dog attack

Everyone loves their pets. They’re considered part of the family, dogs especially. Sometimes dogs pose a danger and attack you. You are walking down the street when suddenly your neighbor’s dog is lunging at you head first and has caused you injury. It is a scary situation to be in that happens unexpectedly. No one can be prepared for a thing like this. Any dog may bite or attack no matter the size or breed. It’s not fair that the dog has attacked you. It’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure their dog doesn’t attack anyone. If so, they are liable for the attack. A former FedEx driver has recently received settlement for his dog attack suit. This is a situation that is favorable in the law, the driver had every right to be on that person’s property when the dogs attacked him.
A man was attacked by two pit bulls when he was trying to deliver a package. Russell Horvath’s case was recently settled for $160,000. The attorney claimed that “The dogs wanted to kill”. It was an extremely vicious dog attack that took place in 2013.
Horvath said that he saw one dog snarling at him and then the dog proceeded to jump on the vehicle. The second dog approached after the first one. One dog bit Horvath’s buttocks and the other dog bit his right knee and forearm. He explained that the only way he was able to get the dogs off of him were by kicking one of them and slamming the door on the other one. Horvath filed a suit against the dog owners, who were siblings, as well as their father.
The man drove himself to the hospital right after the attack for his injuries. The doctors found that his cuts were so deep, they decided against traditional stitches and irrigated the wounds. Horvath claimed that he tried to mediate with the other party but it was unsuccessful. The other party said that his subsequent injuries were not associated with the dog bites. This was after Horvath’s first day back to work after a week, which the doctors ordered. He tried lifting a heavy package and some of his wounds were opened because of the strain. Horvath suffered severe pain in his shoulder. He ended up having to have surgery on that shoulder. A surgeon who testified explained that his subsequent injuries were indeed a result of the dog bites.
The dog owner’s insurance company only wanted to pay out $10,000 to Horvath. What needed to be proven in court was that Horvath did not purposely try to get the dogs to attack. They needed to prove that the owners were liable for his injuries. They also needed to prove the extent of his injuries. Horvath has suffered permanent scarring on his forearm and arm.
When you are attacked by a dog, it is extremely scary. Now you’ve been injured because of the owner’s dog. Now you have to suffer and pay medical expenses because of their dog. They need to be held liable and accountable for the attack. You need an expert Los Angeles Dog Attack Injury Attorney on your side. The legal team at Compass Law Group, LLP will provide you with aggressive representation and personal attention to your needs.


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