Amusement Park Ride Gone Wrong

When you enter on someone’s property, its their duty to provide a safe environment. This is especially true for public places. You shouldn’t have to risk injury being on their property. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes mistakes are made or negligence of the owners/employers causes you to get injured. Maybe they forgot to put up a wet floor sign and you slipped and fell. Maybe there was a piece of floorboard sticking up that they neglected for months and you tripped and got injured on it. Companies may not be compliant with safety measures. The property owners would be liable for accidents that happen on their premises and injuries you may have sustained. Premises liability is when you are injured by an unsafe or defective condition on someone’s property. When you go to an amusement park, you expect it to be a great experience. You go on rides with your children and you make a day out of it. It’s important to remember that injuries can happen on theses amusement park rides. You may have a case for premises liability. We will take a look into an amusement park catastrophe that happened in Florida this summer.

The Situation

Recently, a rollercoaster derailed in Florida injuring 8 people. This is a serious matter because people often assume that these rides are safe. This isn’t always the case. More than 30,000 people were injured on amusement park rides in 2016 alone. 22 people have been fatally injured by amusement park rides over the past 18 years.

The Impact

This travesty has had a tremendous impact. It has brought upon a call for safety inspections of these rides and stricter regulations in general. The unified federal regulatory board can help decrease serious and fatal injuries from amusement park rides. Amusement parks follow under local and state jurisdiction. This means that several things such as safety inspections and repairs are up to individual jurisdiction. Also, not all states have amusement park regulations in the first place.

Preventative Measures

The fight for federal regulation on amusement park rides have been in full effect. If federally regulated, we could then get information on safety inspections, accident reports, injuries and deaths, and mechanical failures on amusement park rides. This could, in turn, help prevent injuries such as the one mentioned previously. This information can also help people make informed decisions about rides and whether or not they want to ride them.
This is an issue of premises liability. Getting injured on someone’s premises it’s not fair. This scenario isn’t anything you could’ve prepared for in advance. It can happen out of nowhere and to anyone. Now you have to suffer as a result of their negligence. You need an expert on premises liability attorney in Los Angeles by your side. The legal team at Compass Law Group, LLP will provide you with aggressive representation and personal attention to your needs.


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