Avoid Falling Victim to These Insurance Company Tricks

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Insurance companies make it a big focus of advertising campaigns to make you feel like they care about your best interests and that of your families. Unfortunately, you may quickly see the deception of these ads should you ever need to file a claim with insurance companies. You see, insurance companies are businesses and they are all about their bottom line. Paying out money to you means they are losing money. This is why they will go to great lengths to find and exploit any opportunity to undermine your claim or deny your claim. Do not give them any reason to do this. Avoid falling victim to common tricks used by insurance companies to devalue or deny your claim. 

Avoid Falling Victim to These Insurance Company Trick

If you have been injured in an accident, you may find you are quickly receiving phone calls from the insurance company with offers of settling your claim. The idea of a quick settlement after you have already been through so much can be very appealing. This is especially true when you are watching medical bills pile up and may be having to miss work due to your injuries. In most cases, however, accepting these quick settlement offers would do you a serious disservice. This is one of the commonly employed tricks used by insurance companies. Offering a quick settlement to an injury victim before he or she has the chance to consult with and retain an attorney. This is because insurance companies know that those unrepresented by an attorney are particularly vulnerable and can be taken advantage of.

nsurance companies may also try to drag out and delay the claims process as much as possible. This is because insurance companies know that, all too often, injury victims find themselves in some dire financial circumstances. Again, the financial pressure can come from the medical expenses that result from needing treatment for injuries and the inability to immediately return to work. Dragging out the claim can cause an injury victim to feel serious financial pressure and then even a low settlement offer may be appeal just to get everything over with.

Insurance companies also like to try and undermine the seriousness of a victim’s injuries. They will try to point to things like lack of treatment or lack of consistent treatment. They may try to make a big deal of a person’s failure to seek emergency treatment after an accident. Insurance companies also love to try and point to preexisting injuries and health issues as the “real” reason a person is suffering after an accident. To avoid giving the insurance companies an opportunity to undermine the severity of your injuries, be sure to seek emergency medical treatment and evaluations as soon as possible after an accident. Receive consistent follow-up medical care and make it clear to your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing now as opposed to prior to the accident so a fine distinction can be made between new medical issues and any preexisting conditions.

Another trick insurance companies like to use is to go through your social media accounts looking for potentially incriminating evidence. They will look for things like pictures of you engaging in activities that might undermine your claim that you are injured in a particular way. They may use statements about how you are feeling or what caused the accident to undermine your claim or place fault on you for causing the accident. It is best to avoid social media use at all after an accident. If you feel compelled to continue social media use, do so sparingly and carefully.

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