Back to Back Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are the preferred motor vehicle if you are looking for a ride that is more agile, easy to maneuver and fast paced. If you are someone who loves to ride and feel all the elements then motorcycles are for you. Whether you are a civilian or in the police force, motorcycles are found to be a unique vehicle with its own pros and cons. At the end of the day, our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP wants you to know that if you are injured while riding your back then we have your back.  

Accidents do not discriminate. No matter your age, gender, or profession, if an accident happens it happens! This was the situation for Anaheim police motor officer who was driving down the carpool lane early Thursday morning. Around 7:30 AM the motor officer was riding westbound when he was hit by another motorcyclist. Both of the riders were taken to the hospital, but both are expected to recover.

Shortly after the accident between a police officer and civilian, another motorcycle accident occurred. The accident occurred about 200 ft. from the first accident and about 30 minutes later. Witnesses stated that the motorcyclist was hit by a pickup truck who tried to cut him off. This motorcyclist was not so lucky. He was taken away on a stretcher with a neck brace. Hopefully, he will recover fully.

When a motorcyclist hits another motorcyclist the playing field is fair game. But what about the second accident? The one that is truck vs motorcycle? Did one accident lead to the next? Were the motorcyclists partially responsible because they chose to ride a risky vehicle? If injured, are motorcyclists partially responsible if they did not wear the most protective gear? These may sound like questions on a legal exam, but they are real questions that may happen in court. If you notice these questions are pretty one-sided. They all center around the motorcyclists.

Our Anaheim Motorcycle Accident Attorneys know to well the game of blame the motorcyclist. It is easier to blame the riders who take the most risk, but it doesn’t make it right. Just because you chose to ride something different than the standard car or truck does not make you less deserving of compensation for your injuries. Do not let insurance companies bully you because you chose to ride a vehicle less chosen.

From police to civilians, accidents happen to the best of us and sometimes at the worst of times. Accidents typically mean injury and medical bills. Motorcycle accidents have a higher likelihood of fatality than most vehicles. It doesn’t take long for medical bills to pile up. Don’t let an accident ruin your credit or hard work finances. Our Anaheim Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group is ready to work for you.


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