Big Rig Catches on Fire, Injures Three

The fun part of getting into your car is that you can go anywhere you want. If you have the time and gas money, getting in your for a fun weekend trip or day trip can be just the medicine you need. Choosing the path to get there can be just as freeing; although, must of us choose to use whatever the GPS on our phones tell us. Whatever way you go, the most important thing is to drive safely and have fun. Our Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles CA Compass Law Group, LLP know that isn’t always how the road trip goes. Sometimes what starts out as a fun journey takes a terrible turn. Only you can control how you are driving, unfortunately. Truck drivers are a whole other story.

Truck Accident Statistics

Whether you are driving through city streets, rural towns, or major highways, you are likely to share the road with a big truck. However, 57% of large truck accidents happened in rural areas. In 2017, there were 4, 237 fatal large truck accidents with 37% happening between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am. There are different ways in which a truck can hit a car. For example, if a truck swerves lanes it can hit the side of the car or clip the front end of a car. The most dangerous kind of hit is the catastrophic “rollover”. Rollovers only account for 4% of accidents, but they are almost always fatal for those who the truck hits and not the occupants of the truck.
The rollover that occurred on the Los Angeles Freeway toward San Diego was short of a miracle. A truck carrying a load of concrete and gravel collided with a car and rolled over. The car was caught under the trailer of the truck. A good Samaritan pulled over and got the people out of the car before anyone was too badly injured. However, two were sent to the hospital in critical condition. The third occupant was severely injured, but not in critical condition. The accident worsened as the collision sparked a fire that burned through all the vehicles involved. Thankfully everyone survived albeit some are fighting for their life.
Because the accident happened in the median between the north and southbound lanes of the freeway, police had to close almost all lanes of traffic for several hours. The accident happened around 2:50 PM

What To Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury from a truck accident, you need to seek legal assistance. Truck drivers are not held to a special standard just because driving is their job. Truck drivers are backed by big corporations that are loaded with money that can help to benefit you in your time of need. Companies do not like to lose money and they will fight back. Our Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorneys are here to fight for you.


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