California Man Killed in Late-Night Bike Crash


A 55-year-old man was recently killed on his way home from a fireworks show in central California. According to reports from California Highway Patrol representatives, the man was riding down a steep roadway near midnight when he made a sharp turn toward the curb for reasons that are not clear. Upon striking the curb, the man was propelled off of his bicycle and onto the pavement. He was pronounced dead when first responders arrived on scene. CHP reported that he was not wearing safety gear at the time of the accident, nor was his bicycle equipped with a headlight or tail light. According to data made available by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 70 percent of cyclist fatalities occurred in urban areas in 2016, with most of these accidents occurring at night when light conditions are poor.

Do the risks of cycling outweigh the benefits?

Cycling is a wonderful form of exercise and a green way to get to and from work or just around town. However, when bicyclists end up in collisions with motor vehicles, the outcome can be fatal. Even with proper safety gear in place, bicyclists are vulnerable while on the roadways, as even the smallest car outweighs a bicycle by hundreds of pounds, and a helmet can only do so much to prevent serious personal injury or even death. If bicyclists and motorists both exercised caution and courtesy while commuting, the roads would be safer places to ride on.

Can bike lanes help cyclists stay safe?

Bike lanes have been implemented in cities and towns across America and all over the world in an effort to make cycling a safer way to commute or get exercise. However, although riding in bike lanes may be safer than riding in the roadways or on sidewalks, riders who stick to bike lanes still face perils. A motorist may park next to the bike lane and open his or her door without looking into the rearview, which can cause a responsible cyclist to crash through no fault of their own.

Be aware of your surroundings

Even though it may be fun and technically legal to ride with an earbud in so you can catch a podcast or listen to your favorite music while commuting on your bike, it’s incredibly dangerous. Not only is wearing an earbud distracting, partially removing your attention from your surroundings, but it reduces your ability to hear potential hazards or warnings such as motor vehicle horns. Keep your eyes open and be aware of potential hazards on all sides of you, and keep the earbuds at home.

Victims seeking legal recourse can reach out to Palmdale bicycle accident attorneys

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