California Woman Attacked by Dog Outside of Church

A woman in central California was recently attacked by a large dog while standing outside the church she attended. The dog was a cane corso, a working breed that can often reach weights of more than 100 pounds in adulthood. The anonymous bite victim stated that she noticed two collared dogs wandering near the church, seemingly with no owner in sight. She reported that the dogs appeared to be friendly rather than mean, and she was stunned when one of the grey dogs attacked her. The woman reportedly threw up her arm defensively when the sudden attack occurred, and the dog bit into her arm, causing a serious fracture and major lacerations to her arm. She was treated at a local hospital and has since been released.

Most bite-prone breeds

In a literature review conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, cane corso were not among the top-reported breeds that bite. In fact, the data showed that German Shepherd dogs were the most frequently reported for bite attacks, followed by mixed-breed dogs. Also, large dogs like German Shepherds and cane corso are not the only dogs that attack humans—tiny dogs like Jack Russel terriers have also been reported as frequent biters, although their attacks may not be as deadly to adult humans as those of larger breeds such as Rottweilers and pit bulls.

The most aggressive breeds may surprise you

The AVMF study found that the most aggressive breeds are not the big dogs like German Shepherds and labs, but rather the small-to-medium-sized dogs such as toy and terrier breeds. These little dogs are often highly aggressive, but because their attacks may be seen as less dangerous to humans than those of larger breeds, people tend to not regard their aggression as needing to be taken seriously.

Do breed bans help?

In some areas in the United States, breed bans have been instituted to placate the general public. These bans usually involve large-breed dogs whose attacks have caused serious injury or even fatality. Commonly banned breeds include German Shepherds and pit bulls. But do these bans help? The AVMF literature review showed that breed bans had little to no impact on the frequency or severity of dog attacks reported.

Which dogs are safest for families?

The truth is, most dog attacks happen with a familiar dog that has not been spayed or neutered. That means a person is more likely to be bitten by the family pet or the neighbor’s furry friend than a strange dog roaming the streets. Sadly, in the majority of serious or fatal dog attacks, the victims are young children. There is no one breed of dog that is statistically the “safest” to have as the family pet.

Talk to a dog attack attorney in Los Angeles

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