Can Playdates Lead To Personal Injury?

When you have kids, you do everything you can to keep them safe when they are in your care. That is why it is so scary when they are with someone else. Despite our best efforts, we cannot keep our kids in an invisible safety bubble. There are many places that we leave our kids that we can be fairly certain that trained professionals are going to do their job to keep them safe. Schools and daycare employees usually do a good job keeping children out of harm’s way.
But what about when we leave our kids with other parents?
Are they taking the steps necessary to keep your kids safe?
At the Compass Law Group, we took a look at this list of some things all parents should ask when their kids go for a playdate. There are some things that you may not think about. There may also be a time when you need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney if your child gets hurt.

What To Be Aware Of

Some of the things pointed out in the article are obvious and you have probably already checked with your child’s friends’ parents. However, it does not hurt to reiterate the following:

  1. Is there a pool? If there is, how deep is it and what steps have the parents taken to keep it off limits to small kids?
  2. Is there trampoline? We know that trampolines can be incredibly dangerous, especially without a net around them. They are a leading cause of bone injuries in kids and most doctors advise not having one at home.
  3. If your kids have any allergies, particularly food allergies, please let any of their friends’ parents know before they go to their homes.
  4. Are there guns in the home and are they secure? Gun safety is a major topic across the country and kids get curious when they see one.

Adults Get Hurt, Too

It is not just kids that get hurt. Adults can sustain injuries due to other people’s negligence as well. This can include injuries due to a property owner not maintaining their premises. Slip and fall accidents lead to major injuries.
Other common ways in which people get hurt are:

  • Faulty products
  • Medical errors
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Dog bites and attacks
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist incidents
  • And more

What You Can Do

If you or a loved one have been harmed due to another person’s negligence, consider seeking legal assistance. At the Compass Law Group, we will work diligently to secure the compensation you need for all of your injury-related expenses. This can include coverage of medical bills, pain and suffering damages, loss of income, as well as punitive damages. We know that these cases can be complex, so let out qualified and experienced team work with you if you need a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.


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