Car Careens Into Ocean After Collision Near Los Angeles

The Pacific Coast Highway is known for its scenic seaside views, and many California residents and visitors prefer it as a picturesque, relaxing alternative to the hectic haste of I-5. However, in recent news, the Pacific Coast Highway has been the site of more than one fatal or injurious auto collision. Multiple cars were involved in a recent crash on the Pacific Coast Highway near Point Mugu, resulting in several serious injuries and one car falling into the ocean. This news comes not one week after a man was killed while trying to cross the same highway on foot in an area where pedestrian crossing is prohibited. With its winding roads and close proximity to the ocean, the Pacific Coast Highway can sometimes be just as dangerous as it is idyllic.

At least 5 people hurt in the multi-vehicle crash

The collision took place in the afternoon, and at least five people were reported injured as a result of the crash. The names and ages of the accident victims have yet to be released to the public, but two of those hurt were reported to be in critical condition at an area hospital. These two individuals were ejected from their car as it fell off the roadway and onto the rocks 50 feet below upside down before the tide took the vehicle into the ocean itself. One of the critically injured parties was taken to the hospital via airlift.

What factors influence collisions?

Although many factors that may have influenced this collision are not yet known, there are some common circumstances that may affect the likelihood of a car crash. Road conditions can be a factor if a roadway is slick or poorly maintained, car collisions may be more frequent. Visibility also plays a role. If visibility is poor due to foggy or rainy weather or due to light from the setting sun, accidents are more likely to occur. Another factor to consider is possible driver fatigue. Even the most experienced drivers may become bleary-eyed after traveling a long distance without stopping off to rest.

Car crash statistics

According to data published by the Association for Safe International Road Travel, more than 35,000 people die as a result of auto collisions each year, and crashes on roadways cost the United States more than 230 billion dollars annually. These statistics are staggering, and while not every accident is avoidable, taking a few precautions while driving can help you stay safer on the roads. Don’t become a statistic. If road conditions are poor or you feel tired, pull off the road and take a break, and wait until you feel comfortable with driving again.

Explore your legal options if you have been injured in a car crash

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