Catastrophic Bus Accident Due To Poor Maintenance

Public transportation has expanded in so many ways. Instead of taking the train people are using their personal cars, taking a plane, or going on a bus. Taking a bus is a great option for people who do not have the desire to fly, but just like any other vehicle on the road, buses are just as prone to accidents. Our Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorneys Compass Law Group, LLP wants you to know that if you get injured while on a bus you have the right to sue for damages. Just because there were multiple people on the bus does not mean that you don’t deserve compensation for your injuries as much as the next person.
Bus companies are big business. Big business always has good insurance policies. In a study completed by the University of Michigan, it was discovered that about 63,000 bus accidents happen every year. Because buses do not require the same kind of safety equipment as cars there are some potential personal risks. However, when a bus gets involved in a car accident, there is no other option other than to sue the bus company for your injuries.

Common Bus Accidents

Bus drivers are just like any other driver on the road except they are responsible for more passengers. Bus drivers are susceptible to the same kind of negligent behavior just like any other driver:

  • Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel
  • Distracted Driving, Untrained Driving
  • Not Properly Screened For Employment
  • Drinking And Driving
  • Driving Under The Influence
  • Overly Or Improperly Loaded Busses
  • Poorly Maintained Buses

For example, on a bus driving from Mexico to California, a bus driver lost control of the bus. The bus ran into a support pole holding a sign for the next exit. The pole ripped through the bus at 3:45 AM. The bus was holding 30 passengers. Five people died on the scene of this catastrophic incident and many others were injured. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the 57-year-old driver was driving under a suspended license. He was not supposed to be driving yet the company still let him behind the wheel.
Other discoveries included that the bus was cited for several safety issues including a defective brake system, prohibited aisle seats, and many other maintenance issues. All in all the bus should not have been allowed to leave the station let alone carry passengers. Yet, companies make decisions over people’s safety all the time. Every time it happens it is almost never worth the lives lost.

What To Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from a bus accident, do not hesitate to reach out and find legal assistance. Having our strong Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyers by your side is the difference between getting all or some of your bills paid. We have the experience and skill to make sure your story is told the right way.


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