Catastrophic Injuries Loom Over Cheerleading World

No one expects an accident. No one wakes up and says today is a good day to get hurt. Accidents are accidents for a reason; no one expects them and no one sees them coming. However, the outcome of these accidents can be incredibly severe and almost always traumatizing.
Personal Injury Attorneys are those who help people get justice for their injuries due to the neglect of some person or people. When people think of injuries they most always think of broken limbs or injuries that take time to heal but more than likely can be recovered. Catastrophic Accident Attorneys are personal injury attorneys on steroids. Our Catastrophic Attorneys at The Compass Law Group in los angeles take on the big stuff. Our professionals are here for those who are suffering from incurable, chronic, and long-term injuries. These stories are not for the faint of heart, and we want to listen to them intently in order to give you the best course of action. We understand that injuries of this magnitude impact the victim’s life as well as everyone that depended on the victim. We know that when you file a claim the victim is nothing think of themselves. Instead, the victim is thinking of the burden they now are to their family and friends whom they once supported.
Catastrophic accidents end in catastrophic injuries which in turn lead to emotionally traumatic conditions. No one would guess that the cheerleading world is the most dangerous sport for catastrophic injuries for women. A study suggests that 65% of catastrophic injuries occur in youth cheerleading. Due to their gymnastic stunts and tumbles, cheerleading is considered more dangerous than tackled by a football player. For example, a cheerleader who was thrown into the air fell 20ft landing head first onto the floor instead of into the arms of her cheer teammates. The cheerleader suffered fractured vertebrae and now has chronic pain in her neck and back alongside irreparable nerve damage and memory loss. Although she can walk, she is reminded of her trauma on a daily basis. Because of such stories, the National Cheer Safety Foundation is looking into more stringent safety protocols. But why not before? Why after someone gets hurt?
Changes happen after lawsuits. It is a fact. When someone sues a person or company, he reflects on what really happened and they are more willing to accept that change needs to happen so another person doesn’t get hurt. This is another reason why you need a catastrophic attorney by your side. Our attorneys know that your injury is unique and your experience may be one in a million, but by standing up for your rights you are encouraging others to do the same. You also ensure that the person or company understands that change needs to happen and the neglect ends with you.


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