Complex Lyft Accidents

It is a Friday night and you are about to let loose and wild with your friends. You decide to try Lyft rideshare because they sent you a coupon in your email. Why not try them out? All your friends use them and you feel like have a few drinks tonight. You choose the app and off you go. The driver picks you up and takes you to your destination. It’s about a 6-mile ride from your place to the bar where you are meeting all your friends. You get to the bar and you start to drink by buying the first round. The music is good. Your friends are good. You drink more. The night finally comes to an end and you need a ride home. It has started to rain, so the thought of walking seems disastrous. You choose the app again. The driver is arriving. You enter the car and off you go. You feel relaxed, chatty even. Then. Bam!
You wake up in the hospital. The last thing you remember is opening the Lyft app on your phone. You can’t recall the car or the driver. You begin to panic. Thankfully your family members are near to help keep you calm. When you start talking about the night you begin to have some fuzzy memories of the evening. You remember getting into the Lyft and driving toward your apartment. You remember seeing a stop sign and then that’s it. Your family begins to tell you that even though you were being responsible and not drinking and driving, the Lyft driver was not sober.
Our Los Angeles Lyft Accident Lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP have heard tragic and horrific tales of passengers injured due to negligent Lyft drivers. From speeding to distracted driving to driving impaired, Lyft drivers are part of a great rideshare program, but they are still human and just another driver on the road.

Individual Contract Drivers

Lyft is an amazing ride share company that helps people get around town cheaply. However, the company employs people via freelance contracts. This means that the company is not really liable for what their drivers do. However, they do provide insurance for their drivers but only during times when they are riding to passengers, riding with passengers, and dropping them off. So what happens if your Lyft driver causes an accident? Who is to blame? The driver or Lyft?
This is why it is so important to reach out to our Lyft Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group LLP. We understand the complexity of accidents like this. Lyft does provide third party insurance if someone is in the Lyft vehicle. This means you don’t contact Lyft for information but the third party insurance company.

What To Do

Don’t get bogged down with the complexity of who is inuring who. Let our Lyft Accident Attorneys do the work for you while you recover.


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