Dangers of the Commercial Truck Driver Shortage

Commercial trucks—think semis, 18 wheelers, dump trucks—populate roads nationwide. They serve a vital purpose in our nation’s economy transporting goods, services, and providing transportation. However, due to their immense size, it is important that commercial truck drivers are well-trained and capable. After all, commercial truck accidents usually end in devastation if they do occur.
Unfortunately, the United States is currently experiencing a shortage of commercial truck drivers. Currently, there are at least 60,000 too few commercial truck drivers on the road. This alarming shortage has the potential to cause a myriad of safety hazards and California is no exception. This article will highlight some of the most likely dangerous outcomes this commercial truck shortage can cause. Of course, if you were recently involved in an accident, you should reach out to a Los Angeles truck accident attorney to answer questions on an individual level.

What’s Causing the Shortage

While there are numerous causes for the shortage, it seems that lifestyle safety issues, the age of the workers, and the job turnover rates are the leading causes. Turnover occurs when employees leave an occupation. In the commercial truck industry, it seems turnover rates are so high due to the dangerous lifestyle.
Besides the obvious danger of driving a gigantic vehicle, danger arises from the lifestyle and job requirements. Commercial drivers are often forced to drive hours on end. This not only leads to exhaustion, but can lead to injury from lack of movement.

Dangers of the Shortage

There are many dangers that arise from this commercial truck driver shortage. Since this shortage is occurring without a drop in demand, the commercial truck drivers that are available are forced to work longer hours. This can lead to exhaustion. Exhaustion is a danger to safe driving on a comparable level to driving under the influence. Exhausted driving can decrease awareness, reaction time, and decision-making ability.
As previously mentioned, demand for commercial drivers has not decreased during the shortage. In fact, the demand for trucking services is experiencing an upswing. This is leading companies to be more lenient about their hiring practices. With more underqualified commercial truck drivers on the road, the chances for truck accidents increases.

Consequences of the Shortage

The increased likelihood of truck accidents is the most severe consequence of the commercial truck driving shortage. Truck accidents almost always end in devastation. Unfortunately, most injuries that result from truck accidents injure drivers of other vehicles.
If you were injured as the result of a truck accident, you should consider consulting with a Los Angeles truck accident attorney. You are likely dealing with serious injuries or property damage, and the financial strain could be crippling. You should not have to deal with such troubles on your own. The Compass Law Group, LLP. has the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of truck accident claims. We will do everything in our power to obtain compensation on your behalf.


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