Dog Attacks 2-year Old And His Mother

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but that phrase does not portray the actual steps that are needed in order to make the dog a man’s best friend. No one really considers the amount of training, love, and patience a dog owner must have in order to make the dog their best friend. Nor do people consider that the phrase means the dog has one best friend, their owner and not multiple best friends. It is important to clarify phrases like this because dogs are all around us. Millions of dogs are found inside people’s homes, playing at the dog parks, and walking up and down our streets. Dogs are a familiar face to see when walking around shopping centers and sometimes even restaurants. At one point, dogs were considered fashionable and everyone was carrying them in their purse. However, even the most gentle breeds have their bad days and you can’t blame a dog for being a dog, but you can blame an owner for being neglectful.

Dog Statistics

In most recent data, 72% of most dog bite fatalities were family dogs. This means that the dog living inside the home attacked those within the home. Those attacks were generally on people who just moved into the home or they were small children. At 38%, children 8-years and younger were fatally wounded by a dog attacking them. The majority of fatal attacks were to adults who were 21 years or older at 62%. Unfortunately, most attacks are from breeds such as Pitbulls, American Bull Dogs, Mastiff-like breeds, and Rottweilers. These breeds are typically known for their fierce loyalty as well as their massive bite.
Dogs are adorable and can appear friendly, but at the end of the day, they are wild creatures. You can suspect a certain behavior, but you don’t really know what is going to happen. This was the case for a mother and her small child in Anaheim as they were trying to lure escaped neighbor’s dogs away from their home. As the mother started to calmly lure the dogs away, the 2-year old falls to the ground and the dogs begin to swarm.
The mother scoops up the 2-year old and starts to slowly head toward their front door. The two dogs start to get more excited and begin to bite the mother and the child. The whole struggle was caught on a security camera. After about 6 minutes, and with the help of a neighborhood man, the mother and son were sent to the hospital with lacerations and wounds that may require plastic surgery.

What To Do

California has strict rules about how an owner should maintain their pets. If you or someone you love has been attacked by an animal then you have the right to sue for financial help. Let our Dog Attack Injury Attorneys at Compass Law Group help you through this traumatizing time.


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