Dog Bites: Canine Education Can Avert Personal Injury

Have you ever experienced a dog attack, or have you ever encountered unusually angry dogs from normally docile breeds? With a mutual coexistence between dogs and humans in our daily life, the degree of dog bites can vary from very insignificant to fatal.
Los Angeles experiences numerous dog bites annually, with many injuries being serious (and negligent) enough to merit hospitalization. Moreover, negligent dog owners are often held responsible by Los Angeles Dog Attack Injury attorney firms when victims seek compensation.
Educating dog owners, and the public, on dog bites may avert personal injuries. Let’s dig deeper.

Understanding the stats

It is statistically shown that around 5 million people are bitten each year, with an increased number of reported accidents easily avoidable through proper training. There is a debate worldwide on whether specific breeds of dogs are more prone to attacking and causing damage to people than others. Studies have shown that these specific breeds are sometimes driven by their primitive instincts since the wolf is the ancestor of dogs.
As conscientious dog owners, we can increase our knowledge while preventing or protecting ourselves from these attacks. Also, learning warning signs that can help us protect us and our families when dogs get aggressive.

Can kids accidentally cause dog aggression?

Educating children early on may prevent docile companions from becoming aggressive. As statistics show an increase in dog bite personal injuries, teaching children proper dog handling prevents strangers from getting inadvertently bitten.
If the child shows respect and love, the same response they will get. Also:
If a child sees a dog experiencing strange behavior, they should inform an adult as fast as possible. More specifically, if the dog behaves ‘anxiously’, it is best to advise an adult to act accordingly. The child should not try to come to close contact with the dog under any circumstance.
When a child sees a stray dog, they should avoid any visual or close contact and they should avoid calling the dog. Inform an adult or a local authority when aggressive strays are found so they can act accordingly and help get the stray dog contained. Stray dog bites are hard for any Los Angeles personal injury attorney to litigate, although not entirely impossible.
Children should not try to play with a sleeping dog, or a dog that is eating. Dogs are quick to anger when someone interferes with their sleep or their food, causing them to act aggressively towards anyone – including the owner.
If an aggressive dog comes close to a child, the child should stay still and calm. Screaming or running could make the dog attack and bite the child. The dog may sniff the hands or the legs of the child, so the child should not make any sudden moves. If the child moves fast the dog could perceive it as a threat.
Children should not come to close contact with unfamiliar dogs. Even when the child knows the owner, they should make it clear if the dog is safe to be approached. The owner should always carry the dog with a leash.

Remember, education starts with adults

Educating children on proper handling of dogs starts with parents caring enough to teach children about proper petting, feeding and playing procedures. Dogs that are better acclimated to owners are more apt to listen when they’re outside, and pedestrians are walking down the street.
Neglecting to educate children on dog safety may inadvertently cause them to turn on owners, which is one factor in the increase in dog bites around L.A. County.
Should you wish to hold negligent dog owners responsible, there’s an incredible Los Angeles personal injury attorney just around the corner from anywhere.


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