Dogs (And Pit Bulls) On Buses: Is It Illegal In California?

Dogs on a bus or other public transport… Is it even legal in Anaheim and elsewhere in California? A few days ago, our Anaheim dog attack attorney from the Compass Law Group, LLP has received a phone call from a 45-year-old woman who was one of the passengers riding a bus in Anaheim when a man brought his pit bull onto the bus.
“The driver of that bus asked the owner of the pit bull, who had sunglasses on, a few questions but did absolutely nothing to remove the dog from the bus,” the woman told our best dog bite lawyers in California. “Everyone on the bus was terrified because of that dog’s size and its horrifying look. Do California laws prohibit dog owners from bringing their dogs onto buses?”
Fact: Did you know that the vast majority of all dog attacks in the United States are committed by pit bulls?
According to the woman’s story, the man with the pit bull walked to the back of the bus and sat down, while his dog was leashed and on the floor next to the owner. So did the man violate any California laws by bringing his dog onto the bus?
Not necessarily. Even though California has one of the strictest laws and regulations for dogs and other pets, California laws cannot prohibit dog owners from bringing their dogs onto buses as long as their dogs are service animals. The rights of dog owners who rely on service animals are protected by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.
In the above-mentioned situation, the bus driver could only ask the man with the pit bull if his dog was a pet or service animal. As mentioned by the woman, the man had sunglasses on, which means the probability of him being disabled or visually impaired seems very likely.
Besides, the man answered that it was his service animal, so the bus driver had no reason to not believe the man. In this situation, most bus drivers in Anaheim and elsewhere in California are reluctant to question their patrons’ with dogs or request proof that they are being accompanied by a service dog out of fear of an ADA lawsuit. Not to mention that people with service animals are not required to carry proof.
“Other than that,” our experienced dog attack attorney in Anaheim says, “The owner of the pit bull did not violate California law because the dog was (a) leashed and (b) was on the floor next to the owner as opposed to being on a seat.”
Fact: Did you know that lapdogs can ride for free on most city and transit buses in California, while larger dogs cost the standard fare?
While the woman said that nothing happened on that bus with the pit bull, it is understandable that most people on the bus were nervous about being around the pit bull. “Even a seemingly friendly pit bull or other dog breeds can cause injuries if it attacks you, which is why you have every reason to be worried for your safety and the safety of your family,” says our dog attack attorney.
If you have been attacked by a pit bull or other dog, you may be entitled to compensation by suing the owner of that dog.


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