Dogs Are Unpredictable

In 2017 a report came out about what burglars did to break into homes. The questionnaire was given to 86 burglars who were caught and serving time. These burglars answered a long questionnaire with specific questions on how they went about breaking into homes. The answers were mostly about finding homes that didn’t have any cars in their driveway, the lights were off, and there were no cameras. Some suggested that breaking down a door was better than breaking glass because it reduced their injuries and a door thumping to the ground is less suspicious than glass shattering.
The burglars would look for houses that had NRA stickers because it meant that they had guns in the house to steal. The first things that most burglars looked for were jewelry, electronics, cash, and credit cards. They all seemed to look everywhere from freezers to toilets to find something worth taking. The one major thing that deterred them was houses that had a big dog. Big dogs were not worth their time. Dogs mean injuries and could lead to others being alarmed by their barking. Big dogs were considered better security than cameras or alarms. This may encourage some to get a big dog, but there are some major responsibilities to having a big dog.

Protecting Your Home, Not The Dog Park

The normal kinds of dogs to help protect your home are those who are bred for being guard dogs. The top best guard dogs are Akita, Bull Mastiff, German Shepard, Doberman Pincher, and Rottweiler. These dogs are bred for security and with the right training, they can be malicious. The one thing all these dogs have in common are their strength, agility, and the power of their mouth. Typically dog bites are worse when you are bitten with a powerful jaw. Guard dogs have powerful jaws that really focus on areas that are most vulnerable to an animal. Guard dogs may protect your home, but if they aren’t trained correctly or looked after, your guard dog may turn into a killer.
The dog park is not a place for animals who are very protective of their owners. There are too many strange people and strange dogs. Yet that didn’t stop a couple whose German Shepard attacked and killed a smaller dog as well as injuring the owner of the smaller dog. Instead of taking responsibility they tried to leave the dog park. This is unacceptable. Big dogs maybe beneficial to protecting your home, but they need to be held accountable for their actions to innocent bystanders.

What To Do

If you or someone you love has been injured due to a dog attack in Los Angeles area then you need to reach out to our Dog Attack Injury Attorney at Compass Law Group, LLP. We have a professional staff that will ensure that not only will you be compensated, but that the owners will take full responsibility for their dog’s behavior.


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