Electric Scooters Companies Accused Of Abetting Assault

A class action lawsuit was filed last week in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of a group of people who say they were injured by e-scooters. They claim that the companies are “aiding and abetting assault” by failing to protect the public from injury.
The lawsuit was filed against e-scooter companies Bird, Lime, Xiaomi United States, and Segway. The complaints are stories we are becoming all too familiar with when it comes to these scooters. One man says he was struck from behind by a person riding one of the scooters. Another woman says she tripped over a discarded scooter as she was walking out of the grocery store.
Other plaintiffs in the case were injured while riding the e-scooters.
The lawsuit does not seek to ban the scooters, but lawyers say they want them to be safer.
In Los Angeles, these scooters represent just one of many ways that pedestrians can get hurt. Do you know what to do if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence?
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What Can Happen?

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable group of people in and around the roadways and sidewalks. Lost Angeles sees hundreds of thousands of people walking or jogging daily, which is why pedestrian safety is such a focus of city leaders. The story above highlights just one way in which pedestrians face dangers.
Negligent vehicle drivers pose a significant threat to pedestrians because they can cause so much bodily damage. The human body cannot compete against the force of a vehicle slamming into it. When a person is struck by a vehicle, injuries can be severe, even at slower speeds. All too often, pedestrians are hospitalized and need extended care after an accident.
Drunk drivers pose a danger to pedestrians, even if they are well away from the roadway. More and more, we are finding that distracted drivers, those who watch their phone screens more than the roadway, are just as dangerous.
During the latest reporting year for California, there were over 14,000 pedestrian injuries and 867 pedestrian fatalities as a result of vehicle accidents. Closer to home, Los Angeles saw 3,286 pedestrians injured or killed in the same year.
Do you know if your insurance will cover all of the expenses you will encounter after an accident?

What Are Your Options

If you are injured while walking around the city and it was due to someone else’s negligence, we know that you will have many questions. At the Compass Law Group, we want to help you find some answers. We do not think that you should be financial jeopardy due to someone else’s mistake, so our team will get to work ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve for your accident-related expenses.


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