Everything You Need To Know About Repetitive Stress Injuries


According to recent surveys, it has been observed that a vast majority of people suffering from and living with these injuries, don’t even know what Repetitive Stress Injuries are, and what causes them. This is primarily because stress-related injuries, especially those associated with workplaces are not frequently discussed or documented.

What are Repetitive Stress Injuries and what causes them?

Repetitive Stress Injuries are most frequently seen occurring in those parts of the body that are repeatedly subjected to movements and actions that can, over a course of time, wear them down – compromising their form and/or functionality.

Let’s take construction workers as an example – they may have experienced a direct, physical injury during their career – but over the course of several months or years, may have noticed chronic pains in certain joints and parts of their bodies that are being used daily.

Workplace stress-related chronic injuries are mostly observed in joints, bones, certain muscles, and tendons, and yes – they can compromise the quality of your work. You may find yourself taking much longer to complete a certain task or taking breaks more frequently than before – these are cardinal signs of stress-related injuries.

Signs and symptoms of Repetitive Stress Injuries

You may have already visited the urgent care, or may soon need to – if you have been experiencing any or all of the following symptoms associated with workplace stress injuries:

  • Inflammation of certain joints
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Pain on movement of these muscles and joints
  • Compromised grip and range of motion
  • Frequent tingling or numbness of the limbs and joints
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Cramps and stiffness

Taking steps in the right direction – legally

If you have just realized that the fatigue, pain, and compromised range of motion that you have been experiencing for a while is directly associated with the nature of your work – you can take legal action.

If you have already seen a primary care physician, and have been medically diagnosed with Repetitive Stress Injuries, the first step is to approach your employer to discuss the matter. In most cases, you are entitled to be compensated for any injuries that you sustain due to conditions created or influenced by your work environment.

If your employer refuses to take action, the next step is to give us a call at (866) 765-1930 and get the team of experts at Compass Law Group on your side. If you currently reside in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Long Beach, San Francisco, and adjoining cities – we can make sure that you get compensated financially and medically for your injuries. Get in touch today!


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