Eye Injury? Who’s To Blame?

Have you ever walked through a construction zone without glasses? The answer should be no because if you enter a construction zone then helmets and protective eye gear should be worn at all times. Sometimes the helmet makes it on, but not the glasses. When people think of getting injured while walking around some one’s property, they think of slip and falls. You may think of something falling onto someone’s head causing them to fall to the ground. Any injury caused on someone’s property is cause for an investigation. Our Premises Liability Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP is ready to help.

Kinds of Eye Injuries

Other than the fourth of July, a household is where nearly 90% of 2.5 million eye injuries occur. Still, take precautions when setting off fireworks for the fourth of July, but remember that your house is a danger zone for an eye injury. For example, mowing the lawn. Seems like an easy enough task. It is something you assign to your teenager. Mowing the lawn without protective eye gear can cause lots of dirt or rocks to fling into your eye causes major irritation. When something sharp and small gets in your eye your instinct is to rub. Rubbing it out seems like a good idea; however, it could cause more damage to eye and cornea.

Other eye injuries are from cooking. For example, bacon is delicious to eat, but when you cook it the fat tends to spatter and spit. The temperature of that frying pan is enough to melt plastic. Imagine if it gets in your eyes? So who is most at risk of getting an eye injury? New studies show that children and teens represent ¼ of eye injuries. People from 18-45 make up at least 50% of eye injuries. The study also shows that 44% of eye injuries happen in the home and 15% happen in the workplace.

How Does This Connect to Premises Liability?

Eye injuries are considered an injury. If you are on someone’s property and you get hurt in your eye due to debris or fire or something else related to the area then the property owner may be liable for your injuries. Eye injuries can go from minor to major quickly. Eye injuries take time to recover and restrict from everyday behaviors like driving or working. Getting injured because a property is negligent and not providing a safe atmosphere or space for visitors and consumers.

Premises liability is making clear the silent contract between visitors and property owners. If the property owners are not taking the steps necessary to ensure that everyone is safe then you have the legal right to file a claim for compensation. Our Premises Liability Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP has the resources and experience to ensure that your story gets told the right way. Don’t let the store owners intimidate you or try to convince not to file a claim. We are ready to stand by your side.


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