First Underground Los Angeles Tunnel Could Be Operational in Just a Few Months

Elon Musk has a plan to help ease the traffic in Los Angeles, and it comes in the form of an underground tunnel. An environmental review exemption was granted by the City Council public works committee last month, for a tunnel stretching 2.7 miles through LA, giving Musk’s Boring Company engineers space and scope to carry out initial testing. Should the plan come together, and full permission be granted by the City, a tunnel could soon carry passengers from Pico Boulevard to Washington Boulevard, avoiding congested roads by being around 50 meters under the surface.
Reducing traffic on Los Angeles roads seems like an excellent idea and, with reduced congestion comes fewer traffic accidents. Would you avail of one of the free rides Elon Musk is offering, should final approval be granted?

Congested Los Angeles Road Network, and the Hazards Posed by Large Commercial Vehicles

Should Elon Musk’s traffic-avoiding underground tunnel become a reality, it could provide commuters with a fantastic way to avoid the numerous trucks and large commercial vehicles regularly using the road networks. Due to many factors, not least of which is the size and weight of these vehicles, when Los Angeles truck accidents occur, the consequences tend to be serious. Despite Los Angeles implementing a Vision Zero policy in 2016, aiming to eradicate road deaths by 2025, statistics show that they are, in reality, occurring even more often since then.
According to Department of Transportation reports, 406 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal accidents on California roads in 2017, resulting in a loss of 430 lives. There were also a huge number of non-fatal truck accidents in Los Angeles and elsewhere around California, with 13,266 trucks and buses involved in non-fatal incidents over the same period. These resulted in 5,794 injuries. It is important to remember too that, while not all the truck accidents inflicted physical injuries on people, there can also be an emotional impact, as well as the property damage and road closures caused by even the most minor of Los Angeles truck accidents.
If you have been injured in a truck accident, or sustained damage to your vehicle or other property, a Los Angeles truck accident attorney could help you to secure the damages you are entitled to.

Speak to a Los Angeles Attorney Today to Work Towards Resolution of Your Truck Accident Claim

While many Los Angeles truck accident attorneys will agree that the legislation governing the operation of these large commercial vehicles is somewhat lax, the positives include that it is also impartial. There is also a distinction to be made between accidents involving a semi-truck owned by and delivering for the same company, and a truck hauling a trailer belonging to a separate company. There can be some discussion over liability in these scenarios, but you can rest assured that your Los Angeles truck accident attorney has successfully handled similar cases in the past.


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