Happy Endings For Catastrophic Injuries

People watch sports for different reasons. Some like sports because they enjoy the competition. Some watch sports for talent. Others watch sports because it provides a sense of entertainment. Others watch sports to learn more about the players. Gymnastics is an intensely individual sport. Typically the individuals compromise a team, but it is through their individual performance that they get recognized. But just like in any sport, when an athlete gets injured it is more than just a hit to their pride, but can lead to life-altering challenges that change the course of an athlete’s future.
Our Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP knows what it is like to work with clients whose lives have just been shaken to the core. One day they felt the top of their game and the next it is all lost. Catastrophic injuries are traumatic for the individual and their family. The victim experiencing the injury will never be the same. It is important to remember that during those dark times having a good attorney by your side can guarantee that there will be sunshine again.

Gymnast Finds New Dream

Auburn gymnast, Samantha Cerio, knows first hand what it is like to watch her career fall. Cerio fell while she was completing a high-flying floor routine. Her fall resulted in two dislocated knees with multiple torn ligaments in both knees. Even though she would go through surgery, her life will be forever changed. What once was her dream to compete on the university level, she is now dreaming a new dream with her soon to be husband. Cerio stated that her new dream is to walk down the aisle at her wedding.
Cerio is not the first to experience a catastrophic event. Our Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Attorneys have worked for so many victims that did not deserve the card handed to them. So many of our clients are brilliant and persistent people who are just trying to get by with what has happened to them. They are looking for justice and answers as to what happened. Our job is to bring negligence to light. We are here to gather evidence, prepare expert witness, and showcase that your injury is directly linked to someone or some party’s negligence. Let us take care of the case while you recover.

What To Expect

Choosing to file a Catastrophic Accident has its challenges and rewards. Our Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP knows all about the rollercoaster of preparing a case to go to trial. Depending on your situation, we may not have to go to trial. Instead, we may accept a settlement. Regardless of which route happens, we will make sure that your medical bills are covered, future bills are covered, current bills associated with the injury are covered as well as any pain or suffering.


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