Hey, Even Brad Pitt Knows What to Do In a Car Accident, But Do You?

So, apparently not only mere mortars get into fender benders on the streets of Los Angeles. Statistics show that there are thousands of car accidents in Los Angeles every day, so what are the chances that Brad Pitt could one day crash his Tesla into your vehicle?
Apparently, this happened to a Los Angeles driver earlier this week. The story originally appeared on Radar Online, showing photos of Pitt handling the car accident like a pro.
According to the publication, the Hollywood A-list actor collided with a smaller car – Nissan – which then hit a black Kia truck. The three-vehicle pile-up took place on Monday, February 5.
After the accident, Pitt was seen exchanging contact information with the two parties involved in the fender bender. No one was injured, as far as the media is concerned.
Then the actor reportedly called his Los Angeles car accident attorney to discuss his best options. Pitt is no stranger to hiring lawyers, as the actor is currently in the middle of divorcing his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt knows what to do after a car accident

But calling a car accident lawyer is not the only good decision that Pitt made at the scene of the car crash. The Oscar-nominee was also seen crouching down to take pictures of the vehicle damage.
And those are the exact two steps anyone involved in a car accident should take to obtain compensation in a timely manner, have sufficient evidence to prove the other motorist’s fault, and prevent the risk of insurance companies turning down your settlement claim without having solid proof.
It’s fair to say that even though Pitt is said to have caused the three-vehicle pile-up crash in Los Angeles, he will most likely avoid having to pay a tremendous amount of money to settle the claim, because (1) he has the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles by his side, and (2) other motorists won’t attempt to shift blame onto the actor who has clear evidence of the damages (photographs, and probably videos, too).

Do you know how to handle a car accident like a pro?

If you don’t know how to handle a car accident like a pro – or, in this case, like a Brad Pitt – don’t worry. Our car accident lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP have got you covered!
Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do after a car accident to maximize the value of your settlement and be able to seek both economic and non-economic damages for your injuries:

  1. Step away from the vehicles and stay at a safe distance in major car accidents, as there may be a risk of vehicles catching fire or exploding due to fuel leaks or combustibles.
  2. Turn off the ignition and turn on the hazard lights. If possible, use cones and other warning signs to alert other motorists about the motor vehicle collision.
  3. Check yourself and other parties involved in the car crash for injuries. If there’s anyone injured, call paramedics to treat the injured and document injuries (documented proof of your injuries right after the accident is vital to obtain compensation later on).
  4. Call the police (even if the car accident is minor) so that they write a police report (the police report will help you file a car accident claim and establish who’s at fault).
  5. Exchange contact information with all the parties involved in the crash; write down vehicle descriptions (model, color, license plate), take down notes that may be used as evidence of the other party’s fault. Gather information about the other motorists’ insurance coverage and write down their policy numbers.
  6. Takedown contact info of all witnesses.
  7. Take photographs and videos of vehicle damage as well as the scene of the accident. Focus on skid marks and any other elements that may help Los Angeles car accident lawyers determine liability.
  8. Do not call your insurance company right away. Never sign any documents unless it’s for the police. Don’t agree to any initial settlement offers before your attorney evaluates the full cost of your injuries and damages. Do not admit fault.
  9. Hire a Los Angeles car accident attorney to investigate the crash, assess the full value of your damages, establish fault, and pursue a car accident claim to obtain financial compensation.

Consult our attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP to get started right away. We’ll help you formulate an aggressive strategy, negotiate with insurers in your best interests, and collect damages on your behalf.


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