How Long Does A Catastrophic Accident Claim Take?

Patience. It is arguably one of the hardest virtues. Patience is hard because it requires you to take life day by day and sometimes hour by hour. Learning to be patient is never easy. Think of the last time you were really hungry and you had to wait for food? Think about the discomfort. Think about the racing thoughts you had or the one track mind that was consuming you ever thought. The example is pale in comparison to a parent waiting for their child to wake up from a coma, but you get the point. Our Los Angeles Catastrophic Accident Lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP have worked with many clients who have shown patience, resilience, hope, and courage. It takes all this and more to withstand the trial process of a catastrophic accident claim.
Asking how long a catastrophic accident claim can take is like asking how long it takes to get over the flu. There is a general consensus, but it varies between person to person or in the legal realm, case to case. The complexity of a catastrophic accident case is dependent on different variables such as the event, medical records, and expert testimony. Typically claims start after the result of some catastrophic accident, but what if you don’t know the results just yet?

Tragedy Strikes

Cole Ziello and his mother were involved in a car accident on December 2018. The mother was able to get by with a fractured wrist, by her son had a different story. Cole was unconscious when found by emergency medical teams. Although he was resuscitated, the medical team discovered that his clavicle was broken. The extent of the brain damage due to his being unconscious was also unknown. For a long time, Cole was in a coma and the extent of damages to his brain was unknown. The family kept praying and eventually he did wake up. Currently, Cole is starting to formulate words and attempting to regain the functions of a normal 7-year-old, but he will always feel the repercussions of this catastrophic accident.
Catastrophic accidents are life-changing accidents. They are difficult to claim because so much research and documentation are involved. You have to know what you are dealing with in order to make an accurate claim. Knowing what you are dealing with takes time and patience. These kinds of cases can go on for a year or more. They can settle outside of court or can go to trial. There are many variables, but with the right legal team, the only variable that matters is that your case gets the justice it deserves.

What To Do

If you or a loved one is suffering from a catastrophic accident, our legal team at Compass Law Group is here for you.


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