How Long Does it Take to Settle a Premises Liability Claim? (Tricks to Speed Up the Process)

It is only natural to wonder how long it will take to settle your premises liability claim when you have decided to take legal action against the liable property owner (or have already filed your claim and are waiting for the settlement or verdict).
You are definitely hoping to hear something like “two weeks” or “three months,” but you will not. The short answer to the question is: it depends. There are no timelines or laws that dictate how long it will take to resolve a premises liability claim in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California.

How long will it take to settle the claim?

To have an approximate estimate as to how long it will take to receive compensation for your injuries and damages from the negligent or careless property owner, you will have to speak to a Los Angeles premises liability attorney.
Each premises liability case involving minor or severe injuries is unique, and the circumstances vary greatly from one case to another. However, there are certain factors that can influence how long it will take to settle your premises liability case.

Factors that influence the timelines of a premises liability case

Disputes. If the liability of the owner of the property on which you were injured is not disputed, there is a high chance that your claim could be settled quickly. Similarly, if there is no doubt or disputes regarding the scope of your injuries or that your injuries were caused by the accident on that property, you will most likely be able to settle your claim in a timely manner.
Scope of your injuries and medical prognosis. Typically, victims of premises liability cases wait until they reach their maximum medical recovery in order to settle the claim. You see, the value of your settlement depends on your medical expenses, which can vary greatly depending on your medical treatment and your final prognosis. In order to estimate the full value of your current and future medical expenses, it is highly advised to speak to a Los Angeles premises liability lawyer. Here at the Compass Law Group, LLP, our attorneys work with medical experts and evaluators to calculate the full value of your medical bills (short-term and long-term), lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering and all other damages that you may be entitled in your settlement.
Demand letter and package. In order to obtain compensation in a premises liability case as soon as possible, you have to make sure that your demand letter and package are complete and offer sufficient evidence of the property owner’s liability, documentation of your injuries, and the number of damages you are seeking. Typically, it is not possible to prepare a compelling demand letter and package without being legally represented.
Negotiations. How long it will take to settle your premises liability claim also largely depends on the successfulness of negotiations with the property owner and his/her insurance company (and other parties that may get involved along the way). It can take months or even years to exchange offers and counteroffers when settling a premises liability claim, which is why having a persuasive expert in negotiations on your side is critical.
Insurance company. It is also vital to understand that insurance companies play a major role when it comes to settling claims in premises liability cases. Some insurance companies in Los Angeles and California have a reputation for taking an unreasonably long amount of time to settle claims or delay settling claims by employing unfair insurance claim practices.
Contact our Los Angeles premises liability attorney right now to get a free consultation about your particular case and estimate how long it will take to settle your claim.


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