How to Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case with an Expert Witness

When you go to court for a personal injury claim, an expert witness can make your case. Their testimony during litigation is often the difference between winning your case or walking away with nothing. By choosing the right expert witness, you can provide knowledgeable evidence to sway a jury or judge in your favor. When it comes down to it, having your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles find a reputable expert witness can be the defining factor that leads to you receiving fair compensation.

What an Expert Witness Is

Expert witnesses are industry professionals who can pass on their knowledge to provide evidence for your claim. They have usually gained this knowledge through education, specialized training, or experience. They are especially useful in cases without eyewitnesses. They can explain how an accident happened and discuss how it caused the involved injuries using physical models and computers. As such, they can be an essential aspect of your case’s success.

Types of Expert Witnesses You May Need for Your Personal Injury Case

The expert witness you need will vary based on the type of accident and injuries you’ve suffered. There are a number of factors involved in any personal injury case that need specific types of witnesses. Here are some of the most common expert witnesses used by a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.

  • Accident Reconstructionist
    A certified accident reconstructionist can help tie liability to the defendant by using their knowledge to explain how an accident happened and why a certain person was to blame. Because they have a scientific background, they can calculate the speed and traveling direction of the vehicle, where it was located, and what the momentum and stopping distance was.
  • Vocational and Economist Experts
    If injuries cause a person to miss work, they may be entitled to wage compensation. However, when a person has an irregular wage, it can be difficult to determine past and future lost income. An economist can make the process easier. Vocational experts are more often used to prove a person can no longer hold the same job after the accident or has a damaged earning capacity.
  • Healthcare Professionals
    Healthcare professionals are used to provide information about the cause and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries after an accident. They can also offer opinions on whether injuries are permanent or require future medical procedures like surgery or injections.

The Makeup of an Effective Expert Witness

Not all qualified professionals make good witnesses. Some highly-trained specialists are terrible communicators when it comes to explaining complex topics in layman’s terms. Your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles should look for a witness with excellent communication skills.
You’d also be better off choosing an expert witness who has testified in court before. They will already understand the litigation process and be able to easily communicate with juries and face up to difficult cross-examinations.
The lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP, understand the makings of a good expert witness. We’ll find and prepare the best witness suited to your personal injury case to give factual and impartial answers that may help prove you’re not at fault.
With a lack of eyewitness, fault can be difficult to prove without expert testimony.


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