How You Become A Potential Victim Of Fraud Or Hack In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

You have probably noticed the incredible and lasting impact the Facebook privacy scandal has had on pretty much every business operating in the United States. People have become increasingly concerned about their privacy, and it is understandable why.
But browsing Facebook’s timeline is not the only thing you need to worry about if you do not want your personal information to get stolen. If you have been injured and want to file a personal injury lawsuit, be warned that you will have to provide or allow inspection of your private information.
“Well, I do not care if they find out my social security number as long as I receive the compensation I deserve,” you may be thinking right now. But the problem is that this “private information” goes well beyond your full name, address, telephone number, and social security number.
Our Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the Compass Law Group, LLP explains that in the course of a lawsuit, the private information that would be collected and, therefore, could be leaked or stolen includes but is not limited to your medical recovers, details about your doctor visits, information about your employment, salary, pay stubs, benefits, as well as driver’s license number, among other things.

How you waive your right to privacy in a personal injury lawsuit

In recent years, the risk of identity theft, fraud and criminal activity involving private data has become increasingly alarming. And it is not surprising considering how much we rely on modern technology nowadays. Basically, what you do when you are filing a personal injury lawsuit is you waive your right to privacy.
But it does not have to be this way. If you are represented by our experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, you can be sure that your private information will be protected and not mismanaged in any way. Once the lawsuit has come to a conclusion, our lawyers will demand the court to delete the most confidential data about you in order to protect you from future thefts, frauds and hacks.

Why protecting your personal information is so important

Maintenance of private data increases the risk of your information getting into the hands of fraudsters, hackers, thieves, and other criminals. Under California’s law, courts that collect information about the plaintiff and defendant in every personal injury lawsuit are required by law to keep these copies for at least six months after the final settlement or verdict.
Only the best personal injury lawyers in California know how to do this, but it is actually possible to keep your information private and reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud or other types of criminal activity involving your confidential info by narrowing down the personal information that has to be collected to only those matters that are related to your particular case.

How your money could be stolen by hackers after a lawsuit

Here at the Compass Law Group, LLP, our attorney is committed to protect from disclosure as much of your personal information as possible. Here in California, people wrongly assume that courts take all reasonable measures to protect the private data of their plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases.
But the truth is, you are at a much bigger danger when a court has your personal information compared to Facebook collecting and storing your data on its servers. Needless to say, most hackers and fraudsters tend to target the plaintiffs who were awarded large amounts of money. Once hackers and fraudsters know your confidential info such as social security number, credit cards, bank accounts, salary, and all kinds of other info, it makes it surprisingly easy for them to steal your hard-earned money.
Do not let this happen. Hire our Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the Compass Law Group, LLP to protect your private information.


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