How You Can Safely Reporting a Drunk Driver in Palmdale

It’s not unlikely for you to get behind the wheel and wind up face-to-face with a suspected drunk driver. Too often people make the incorrect decision of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs. Impaired driving is one of the most dangerous things facing sober drivers on the roads of California. If you ever come across a suspected drunk driver it’s best that you stay as far away as possible. Our car accident lawyer provides the following tips for safely reporting a drunk driver.

Safely Maneuver Your Vehicle

Should you be under the impression that a car near you is being driven by an impaired driver you need to safely maneuver your vehicle away from it. This can be done by pulling to the side of the road until it passes, slowing down, speeding up or turning off the road or highway where the vehicle is located.

Gather Identifying Information

As you are trying to maneuver your vehicle to a safe location it’s important that you gather identifying information about the suspected drunk driver’s vehicle. This information will benefit the police in their search for the driver. It includes the color, make, model, license plate number and any other description you can provide. When you are on the phone with dispatch you should also provide the last known location of the vehicle.

Use a Hands-Free Device

Just because it is an emergency situation you shouldn’t change how you make a phone call while driving. You should still use a hands-free device to make the call to 911. If you cannot use a hands-free device you should pull to the side of the road or into a parking lot before making the call. A hands-free device will ensure that you do not break the law while trying to report someone who is doing so.

Never Interact with the Driver

It is never a good idea to interact with the suspected drunk driver. Interacting with someone who could be impaired will only lead to more problems. The reaction of the driver if you try to interact with them could wind up causing a road rage incident. You never know if someone has a weapon or how they will react if they are confronted by someone for their driving. This also means that you should never try to pull the driver over because you think they are drunk. Let the police handle all of this for you.

If Safe, Follow the Vehicle

If it is safe to do so, you could follow the vehicle to make it easier for police to intercept the possible drunk driver. This is not a recommended action in the least bit but it could wind up saving someone’s life. Keep your speed at or under the posted speed limit, stay a couple of vehicles back from the suspected drunk driver, and stay on the phone with emergency dispatch giving them the location. This should only be done if you’ve witnessed a hit-and-run involving the vehicle or a near-miss of an accident.
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