What Should I Do if I’m Injured by a Defective Product?

When a product harms you or a loved one, you may not think anything of it. Products hurt people every day—why would your situation be any different? When the product causes serious injuries, you may begin to wonder whether there is anything you can do to recoup your losses. In many circumstances, you may be able to make a legal claim based on product liability.
Product liability claims involve any product that was not created properly from a design or manufacturing standpoint. They can also include situations where the manufacturer or creator did not include adequate warnings or information about a product.
If a product has caused injuries or damage, it is a good idea to take the following steps.

  • Seek Medical Attention.
    If you have been injured, it is always a good idea to get medical help. You may not fully appreciate the extent of your injuries right away. Even if you think your injuries are minor, get checked over by a doctor. It is not only good practice from a health and safety standpoint, but it can also help your product liability case as well. The manufacturer may not think that you were seriously injured if you declined to go to the hospital after the accident.
    You should also be sure to follow up on any recommended medical treatment. Again, getting the treatment you need is a good idea so that you can recover faster. It is also helpful to show that you are making sincere efforts to recuperate from your injury.
  • Keep Anything and Everything Related to the Product.
    It is a good idea to keep any product that may have harmed you. If the product is in pieces or you only have portions of it, that is okay—just hang on to what you have. In some circumstances, particularly those involving serious injuries, the police may take the product. Be sure to request the product back when the police have completed their investigation.
    Having the product that harmed you on hand will help your product liability case in many circumstances. You or a qualified expert may be able to examine the product more closely later to determine what went wrong and why. Having the actual product will also be helpful to present at trial as well.
  • Take Notes.
    Your memory regarding the incident will fade over time. It is a good idea to take down basic information about the occurrence so that you can review this data later. You may want to record the date and time the accident occurred, what you were doing at the time it happened, whether anyone witnessed the incident, and other related information. It is better to err on the side of having too much information for this type of record.
  • Talk to an Experienced Los Angeles Product Liability Attorney.
    Los Angeles product liability cases can be extremely complicated. In fact, some attorneys won’t take these cases because they can be so complex. You need to consult a lawyer that has experience with product defects.


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