Impaired Driving Leads To Two Death

Have you ever heard the phrase “it is not a right, it’s a privilege”? This phrase is applicable to driving. It is not a state obligation to give you a driving license. You have to study hard for a driver’s license in order to pass a series of tests. The phrase is typically told to teenagers who have failed their tests and are complaining. Or they have just gotten their license taken away from their parents because they have done something wrong. However, the phrase is also applicable to people who have been disciplined for driving incorrectly. To these people who are dealing with suspended licenses or if their licenses were revoked for driving dangerously or while impaired, driving is a privilege and when you choose to drive wrong then you are endangering not just yourself, but others.

Car Accident Reality

Last year, 37,133 people died while driving in the United States as told by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unfortunately, about 10% of those fatalities are due to drunk driving at 10, 874 deaths. This large population means that there are over 10,000 family members who have had to lay their loved ones to rest. That means 10,000 people are no longer walking among us and contributing positively to our society. When being struck by a drunk driver, it is almost always the sober drivers that are killed and it is the drunk driver who survives.
This was the case in Torrance where a drunk driver killed two young people who were just hanging out after work. A 28-year old man was driving under the influence when he swerved into the wrong lane going the opposite direction. A 19-year old and 20-year old were driving when the 28-year old swerved hitting them straight on. The accident was so intense that both the young drivers were killed instantly. Their parents told news reporters that the two were best friends and were always hanging out together.
The worst part about the story, other than the lost lives, is that the drunk driver shouldn’t have been driving anyway. The drunk driver’s license was suspended due to failing to take care of tickets in Oregon. There was a second suspension on his license in California for tickets that he failed to take care of too. This accident was completely preventable had the drunk driver followed the rules of not driving as well as not drinking and driving. Due to his poor decisions, two people are dead and he is left to deal with the consequences.

What To Do

If you find yourself in such a predicament, please know that having an attorney on your side is not only helpful but necessary. Do not suffer through this tragedy alone. Our Car Crash Attorneys at Compass Law Group in Torrance are here to assist you with your every need. We specialize in car accidents and understand the level of detail and strategy needed to succeed.


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