It Takes A Village To Find A Hit and Run

Imagine leaving your home to walk to a nearby store to start your Christmas shopping. You have your list and ideas ready to start browsing through the store. You talked with your adult children to make sure that your list is exactly what they want or need. You got to this store all the time. You go there so much that people know you there. It is just a few days before Christmas and you feel bad for not having it all done, but there is no time like the present to finish what you started. As you are walking down the normal roads to the store you are struck by some vehicle. You are hit so hard that you never wake up.
This fate belonged to 73-year old Novar Ismailyan in Glendale. She died after a fatal hit and run in which she is survived by her husband and 4 adult children. The older woman was just trying to get some last Christmas shopping completed when her fate was sealed by a vehicle who failed to stop and kept driving. Unfortunately, no one saw the incident, but there is footage where a car was pulled over checked to assess the damage of the car. The footage of this video was sent to everyone in the neighborhood. Witnesses were able to identify the driver as a woman between 50-70 driving a black Toyota Prius.
Ismailyan was an active member of the Glendale community for over 28 years. The city is offering $50,000 for the information on who hit the beloved woman. This award will be given if the information leads to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the woman who left the woman dying. Unfortunately, this kind of situation happens all too often. One would hope that if you were to hit a pedestrian then you would own up to your wrongdoing. Pedestrians have certain rules to follow on the road, but in the end, they are the most vulnerable when it comes to traffic accidents. Pedestrians need to be looked out for even if there isn’t a crosswalk or crossing sign. It takes a village to come together to find justice for this poor older woman. It takes a village to make sure that accidents like this are reduced and that justice is met for the poor woman’s family to have some closure.

What To Do

If someone you love or if you have been injured as a pedestrian then you deserve to seek justice and compensation for the injuries that you endured. Choose our village of Compass Law Group in Glendale. Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys are ready to speak with you about your situation. We know how scary getting hit by a vehicle is and we know that if there is an injury then there is going to be hospital bills and loss of work.


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