Large Truck Carrying Shards of Glass Topples Over

Driving on a roadway can be pretty scary. You are surrounded by so many cars full of strangers you have never met and probably never meet. The next time you are driver, pause to consider all the cars that are around you. Don’t take your eyes off the road, but consider all the lives that are around are depending on you to be a responsible driver. Everyone on the roadway can reach their destination if we all drive cautiously and thoughtfully. Our Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group know that just isn’t the case. Accidents happen for a plethora of reasons. Sometimes they cannot be helped while others are completely avoidable. The problem with accidents that involve semi trucks or big rigs is the larger the vehicle the more likely the damage.

Truck Driving Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, truck driving crashes and fatalities have wavered over the years. Recent data shows that in 2016 around 4,317 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks. Between the years 2015 and 2016, that is a 5% increase. Of those fatal crashes, the majority were occupants of the other vehicles. 17% of the fatalities were drivers of the truck and 11% were non-occupants like pedestrians or bicycles.
Truck drivers are just like every other driver on the road. Sometimes they drive too fast. Sometimes they get distracted. Sometimes they are sleepy. The main difference between a truck driver and a regular driver is the truck driver is driving around 80,000 lbs of machine. Truck drivers cannot afford to make a small error. A small shift in lanes or swerve into another lane can cause drastic reactions. Cars have no place battling trucks yet we see accidents all the time on the road.

Shattered Glass

For example, a semi-truck carrying thousands of pounds of shattered glass may have been driving a little too fast as it took a curve entering 60 Eastbound. The truck driver hit a minivan. The impact caused the truck to topple over and pour the shattered glass all over the freeway. All lanes of traffic were closed. A person from the minivan was taken to the hospital in an unknown status. The truck driver was grateful to only experience minor cuts and bruises.
The accident happened around 6 AM on Friday. It is a miracle that only two were injured. A truck toppling over has the power to crush multiple cars. Thankfully only one car got in the way of what could have been a multi-car collision.

What To Do

Truck accidents are just like car accidents. Police come and investigate, write a report, and insurance companies are called to write checks for compensation. The difference is truck accidents can cause more risk. Injuries can be greater. You need a strong attorney by your side to make sure that you are getting full compensation.


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