Mother of Two Killed In Hit-And-Run

Last month, Yana Lavrenteva was crossing Ventura Boulevard at around 11:50 at night when she was hit by a vehicle heading east. The victim, a mother of two, was within a controlled, marked crosswalk at the time of the accident.
The Los Angeles Police are now asking the public for help as they search for a late 1990s mode Toyota 4-Runner. The driver left the scene after the accident, continuing eastbound.
This incident highlights one of the many concerns we have when it comes to pedestrian safety. All too often, we see cases of injury and death as a result of the negligence of drivers on the roadway. At the Compass Law Group, we want to help when you need a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will work to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The Numbers

We know that California has far too many pedestrian accidents. For the latest reporting year, the state saw more than 14,000 pedestrian injuries. Out of those, 867 people were killed.
Closer to home, Los Angeles saw nearly 6,000 pedestrians injured or killed in accidents.
The problem is that pedestrians have no protections against the force of a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. At slower speeds, injuries can be severe. At higher speeds, they can become catastrophic.
We commonly encounter people who have suffered from spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, broken and dislocated bones, severe lacerations, and internal injuries as the result of a pedestrian accident.
The costs of these accidents can high. Not only will there be the expense of life-saving care, but there may need to be long-term rehabilitation if that is necessary for a full recovery. What happens if an injury keeps someone from working? Will they be able to support their family?

Why They Happen

Many times, like the story we brought you above, people simply ignore the many pedestrian right-of-ways around the city. That is why so many pedestrian accidents happen at intersections and crosswalks.
Other times, we see cases of drunk drivers striking people at high speeds. Those who choose to drive while impaired are a danger to everyone on the roadway around them.
We are also seeing an uptick in cases of distracted drivers causing accidents, despite efforts to enforce laws to prevent these kinds of accidents. All too often, people are busy looking at their phone screens instead of watching the roadway.

What You Can Do

If you have been struck and injured by a negligent driver while you were out walking or jogging, seek legal assistance immediately. We know that there is no guarantee that insurance will cover your injuries, if the other party even has insurance. Why should you be put into financial jeopardy due to someone else’s mistake?
At the Compass Law Group, we are ready to take your case.


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