Motorcycle Accidents Almost Always End In Tragedy

Picture this image: you on a motorcycle with the cool breeze in your hair as you ride into the sunset. You have on a helmet as well as a leather jacket with matching leather pants. You wear these items because they look cool, but also because they are there to protect from major head injuries or road rash if you were to fall. When you first got your bike you made sure to take all the classes and you got all the high scores on the test. You research motorcycles and almost everyone in your family has had one. You feel confident and ready as you step onto the road ready to jump onto the back of your bike. You feel as if there is nothing between you, the road, and the elements.
The truth is there isn’t much between you and the road, or you and the other cars for that matter. As romantic as it is to think about life on the back of bike it can also be very dangerous. Bikers are always on the lookout for danger, but vehicle drivers aren’t always paying attention. It is like the story of an inverted story of David and Goliath. David doesn’t win and Goliath is the one who throws the stone.

What Happened

A road is a dangerous place, now more than ever. Distracted driving has caused an increase in accidents over the years. In a study conducted by Virginia Tech, it was discovered that those who texted while driving increased their accident rate 23 times. Distracted driving doesn’t just mean texting while driving. Instead, it incorporates looking at any visual media on a cell phone or just reaching for a phone. These behaviors drastically increased the likelihood of an accident. Other kinds of distractions include eating and drinking, adjusting the radio, talking to passengers, or using a navigation system.
Distracted driving causes drivers to swerve into other lanes or over yellow lines. This kind of swerve can be detrimental to any vehicle but particularly to those who are riding a motorcycle. On Route 138 a Dodge Durango was driving eastbound when it crossed over the double yellow lines. This innocent swerve happened just in time as a motorcyclist was driving westbound. The two vehicles collided and the motorcyclist was flung from the vehicle, over a concrete barrier, and hit a metal fence. The person died instantly. This incident could have been avoided had the Durango paid attention to the road.

What To Do

Motorcycle accidents can get serious fast. If you or someone you loved has been seriously injured or has died in a motorcycle accident then you need to reach out to our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP in Los Angeles. We understand the trauma of getting into an accident and the urgency to get compensation for the injuries.


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