Motorcycle Deaths Declining In California

After a string of bad years, motorcyclists are finally hearing some good news. Motorcycle accidents are just as common as car accidents, but more likely to end up in fatality. For the past few years, motorcycle fatalities have been increasing. Thankfully, California is finally starting to see a decline in fatalities. However, that doesn’t mean that motorcyclists still aren’t getting injured while in an accident. Our motorcycle accident lawyer Los Angeles CA Compass Law Group, LLP have a special respect for motorcyclists in our community. It takes courage and skill to ride a motorcycle in our city. We applaud those who are willing to take the risk and we don’t feel as if motorcyclists should be treated any differently because they chose to ride something riskier.

The Declining Trend

Since 2015, motorcycle deaths have been increasing. However, in California deaths have been decreasing. Overall the nation increased in fatalities by 10%, but California declined by 7%. After some investigation, some believe the increase in fatalities came from seasonal changes and a stronger economy. People are more likely to ride when the weather is nice, gas prices are lower, and there is more money to actually purchase a motorcycle. Wither more people riding for longer periods of time, the likelihood of getting into an accident increases. So why the influx in fatalities between California and the nation? Helmet laws.
Helmet usages are vital in protecting the lives of motorcycle riders. Currently, 19 states require helmets, 28 require helmets for young riders, and 3 don’t require helmet use at all. Motorcyclists can’t just wear any helmet. They must purchase and wear the Department of Transportation Compliant helmet. Studies have suggested that wearing a helmet can decrease your risk of dying from a head or brain injury by 37%. Each year the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration review the stories of fatalities. The review provides information like what is the most likely way a motorcyclist dies on the road, what are common factors in a motorcycle accident, and how their lives could have been saved. For example, in a 2013 review, it was discovered that 715 could have saved their lives had they worn a DOT-compliant helmet.

Other Statistics

Even though motorcyclists are more prone to fatality they only make up 1% of vehicle miles traveled. Men are more likely to die on a motorcycle instead of women. The leading age group for fatalities is 20-29 quickly followed from 50-59. Each year California is doing all they can to ensure that motorcyclists are getting the respect they deserve. From supporting Motorcycle awareness month to implementing lane splitting legislation, there is only so much a state can do to protect its people.
If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury from a motorcycle accident, seek legal counsel as soon as you can. Discrimination against motorcyclists is real and can be a negative factor for you. Don’t let it.


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