Motorcyclist Thrown 80 Feet In Crash

We want to bring you this story today about a North Hills motorcyclist who survived after a crash sent him flying 80 feet. The accident happened on Veterans Day on Lassen Street.
Surveillance video shows a car turn into the path of the motorcyclist and then the impact which sent the 20-year-old rider into the air before landing on the sidewalk. The motorcyclist suffered a damaged spleen, a fractured pelvis, and two collapsed lungs. He is now breathing on his own and is expected to survive.
At the Compass Law Group, we are grateful that nobody lost their lives in this incident, but we know the rider is going to have a long recovery time. We also know that motorcyclists face many dangers when they hit the roadway. Regardless of how safely they operate, they cannot control the actions of other drivers.
Do you know where to turn if you are a motorcyclist and are injured because of someone else’s negligence?
When you need a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, you can count on us to secure the compensation you deserve.

What Can Happen?

California offers many beautiful places to ride a motorcycle, which is why we have so many riders here. As of the latest reporting year, there were nearly 900,00 registered motorcycles in the state. We also know that motorcyclists are vulnerable to injuries when negligent drivers are around. They have very little protection from harm. Even wearing a helmet cannot prevent all injuries.
We commonly see the following as a result of motorcycle accidents:

  • Severe road rash
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Spinal cord injuries (paralysis)
  • Internal organ damage
  • Head injuries (especially if no helmet is worn)

If a motorcyclist sustains any of these injuries, they face long recovery times. It can me major medical bills as well as time away from work.
Will your insurance cover all of these expenses?
How about the lost income?

Why They Happen

Often, the cause of these accidents revolves around careless drivers who do not want to share the road with motorcyclists. Drivers follow motorcycles too closely or make turns right into them.
Other times, distracted drivers cause them harm. If a driver is busy looking at their phone screen, they probably are not going to see a motorcyclist. We also know that drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol are a danger to everyone on the roadway around them.

What You Can Do

Do not hesitate to seek legal assistance in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else. We know that dealing with recovery is difficult and the last thing you need to worry about is how you will pay your bills.
At the Compass Law Group, our experienced team is ready to help you recover compensation for all of your accident-related expenses.


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