Moving Beyond Paralysis

You don’t have to believe in the Judeo-Christian God to believe in miracles. Miracles can happen regardless of what you believe in. Have you ever had such a bad day that you didn’t think anything can turn it around, but then you hear something on the radio or a friend tells you something really uplifting and your whole day has changed? That is considered a small miracle. Miracles can be really small, but they are really special. So what do you say when you experience miracles like someone walking when they were told their chances are slim? It’s a miracle, but it is a huge miracle.
A huge miracle happened to after a 7-year-old who was paralyzed after a car accident. His father was driving with his other siblings, but the 7-year old suffered the most. The family received the devastating news in the hospital that he had a severe tear in his spine. This tear in his spine prevents him from feeling as well as hindering motor skills below the waist. He also had to have major back surgery. The doctors warned the family that he would have to have round the clock care. So, the 33-year old mother and father were determined to care for him. They each cater to his catheter every 4 hours as well as turn him in his bed every 2 hours to ensure that there are no bed sores.
It wasn’t until the sister of the mother discovered a physical therapy called “harness” therapy did the family start to investigate. The young boy started harness therapy which is meant to stimulate and improve the motor function. He gets into a harness every day and they move his feet to dance. The young boy loves it. Through small miracles each day they hope to see improvements in the boy’s motor skills. However, until then the parents are subject to round the clock care of their son as well as their two other children.

Catastrophic Accidents

Clearly, this young boy experienced a catastrophic accident. The injury he sustained was life-altering and requires an intense amount of time and energy to ensure that he stays alive. Most types of paralysis, brain injuries, spine injuries, burns, cervical injuries, or lumbar injuries have the potential for catastrophic injuries. People who deal with these kinds of injuries are forever impacted. The family of those with these injuries are impacted too. Our Catastrophic Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group in Los Angeles understand that no amount of money can bring back what once was, but it sure can help make your present and future more adaptable.
If you or a loved one has experienced a catastrophic accident due to the negligence of someone else then our Catastrophic Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group in Los Angeles are ready to represent your situation. We have the resources and experience to ensure that you are getting full compensation for every detail needed to give you as comfortable life as possible.


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