New Legislation Proposed After Fatal School Bus Crash

A recent fatal school bus crash in New Jersey has left one family devastated, and was the cause of a new bill being proposed. The bill, titled “Miranda’s Law,” would mean that people who drive school buses would receive greater scrutiny when it comes to moving violations on their records. The bill is named for the fifth-grade student who was killed as a result of the River Edge school bus accident. A school teacher on board the bus at the time of the crash was also killed. The bus driver is alleged to have merged recklessly across multiple lanes of traffic in order to attempt to make an illegal turn on I-80, and when his driving record was reviewed after the fatal crash, he was found to have had his license suspended more than a dozen times. Outrage at this news ensued, sparking action on the part of New Jersey legislators.

Should school bus drivers be held to a higher standard?

The public was appalled to learn that the New Jersey man responsible for the fatal crash that inspired Miranda’s Law had so many moving violations and was still employed as a school bus driver. Many people believe that school bus drivers and people who drive for a living in general should be held to a higher standard than the average motorist. This is because when these drivers get behind the wheel, the lives of dozens of people aside from themselves are at stake. If your average motorist can have his or her license permanently revoked after multiple suspensions, why shouldn’t the same apply to a driver who is responsible for transporting young children?

What the statistics say about school bus crash injuries and fatalities

A study performed by researchers from the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan found that up to 50 people per year die as a result of fatal bus crashes, including school buses. According to data published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, school buses accounted for 40 percent of all buses involved in fatal traffic accidents over a ten-year period, and the National Transportation Safety Board reported that as many as 20,000 injuries and 250 fatalities occurred as a result of bus accidents in 2009. Despite these alarming figures, millions of people ride buses to commute to and from work or school each day, and most of them manage to get where they are going safely.

Bus crash victims are urged to contact Torrance bus accident lawyers for help

We entrust bus drivers with our health and safety every time we opt to ride public transit, and school bus drivers are trusted to keep our children safe. When these drivers fail in their duties due to negligence, the suffering can run deep. The Torrance bus accident lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP can help accident victims get monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. There is no fee unless your case is won.


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