Non-Bite Dog Injury? You Have Rights!

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and most are peaceful, loving, and just want to play. There are roughly 100 million dogs in the United States, the majority of which are pleasant to be around and mean no harm. But some do cause harm. While dog bites are among the most common dog-related injuries, dogs can also cause injuries when they knock down or trip pedestrians or run out in front of cars or bikes. If you find yourself injured due to a dog, you have a right to seek compensation for that injury, and an Anaheim dog attack attorney can help.

Damages from Non-Bite Dog Injuries

According to the CDC, around 76,000 folks come to the ER each year for treatment following falls that result from dogs, and the most common non-bite dog injury is falling. Children and older people are the most susceptible to these types of injuries from dogs. Medium and large dogs that jump can knock people over, while smaller breeds may run between a person’s feet or flop down in their walking path, causing them to trip. Even if the dog is friendly and meant no harm, if you are injured, it is considered an attack from a non-aggressive dog, and you can seek compensation for your medical bills, lost income while you recuperate from the accident, and (in the case of bike or car accidents caused by dogs) reimbursement for damaged property.

Strict Liability and Dog Attack Claims

Most dog attacks occur due to the dog owner’s negligence. Negligence on the part of the dog owner may include failing to keep the dog on a leash so as to control its movements, failing to control the dog while it is leashed, not keeping the dog contained inside a fenced area, or failing to contain the dog within a home or vehicle. California is a strict liability state, so dog owners are liable for damages even if they are not negligent. Keep in mind that you must be lawfully present wherever the accident occurred, and you must not have been provoking the dog purposely. Most dog owners turn to their homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage whenever a dog attack claim is filed.

Strengthening Your Dog Attack Case

Solid evidence helps strengthen your dog attack case. You’ll want to be able to show your injuries to support your claim and ensure you get all the compensation due to you, and although absolute liability always falls on California dog owners, showing negligence on the owner’s behalf gives your case an even greater air of legitimacy. Photographs or videos of the accident scene and your injuries can be helpful, as can following up with any medical treatment recommended following the accident. If there were witnesses to the accident, be sure to give their contact information to your dog attack lawyer. The total of your claim will be based on your economic loss as well as medical costs, so keep receipts.

Talking to an Anaheim Dog Attack Attorney

Because dog attack claims are complex, dealing with the insurance company on your own is rarely a good idea. Most companies hit unrepresented claimants with low-ball offers that don’t come close to the total worth of the claim. Schedule a free consultation with an Anaheim dog attack attorney from the Compass Law Group, LLP. to review the particulars of your case and ensure you get everything you deserve.


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