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NutriBullet Blender Safety Comes Into Question as Products Explode

Multiple consumers have alleged that the NutriBullet blender—marketed as being a compact and powerful way to blend foods without losing nutritional value—is dangerous to use, citing incidents where the product exploded after normal use. The blender’s canister is reported to have the ability to build so much pressure that it detaches itself from the rest of the blender forcefully, causing the device and all contents within it to go flying at high speeds. Some consumers have alleged that the blades of the blender themselves can be forcefully ejected from the device—a major hazard for anyone and anything in the same room as the device.

Capital Brands claims their product is not defective

Representatives from Capital Brands, the corporation that produces the NutriBullet blender, have claimed that their products are not defective when used according to instructions, implying that the fault of the matter lies with injured consumers and not with a faulty product. The investigation into allegations of faulty parts or design remains ongoing at this time.

The potential dangers of a defective blender

Even if a blender does not explode upon operation, a faulty cord or defective blender blade could pose a serious threat to users. A frayed or improperly wired power cord could create a major fire hazard, while a defective blade could be at risk of snapping off and lacerating the mouth or internal organs of an unaware smoothie-drinker.

Small appliance – big power

Even the most compact blenders use the power of high-speed rotation of a blade to do their job, and NutriBullet is known for its ultra-high-speed motor being so powerful it can take cold vegetables and blend them up into a warm soup. This is supposedly due to the warmth from the speed of the motor heating the food during blending, and this effect is being blamed for causing the pressurization that has allegedly caused NutriBullet blenders to explode even during normal use.

When simple product replacement by the manufacturer is not enough

If a product you purchase is clearly damaged or defective in some way prior to use, is contacting the manufacturer for a replacement enough? You may receive a non-defective product and not be out any money, but without reporting the defect to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, other people could still be purchasing and using hazardous defective products while the manufacturer holds its tongue. Sometimes, simply replacing a defective product may not be enough. By contacting the CPSC about any defective products you buy and exploring your options under product liability law, you may be able to help keep others safe too.

Contact a product liability attorney in Anaheim

Malfunctioning blenders can cause property damage and, in some instances, grave bodily harm. The staff at Compass Law Group, LLP are specialists who know local product liability laws inside and out. They offer free consultations, so you don’t have to spend a penny to learn more about the merits of your potential case.

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