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Catastrophic Bus Accident Due To Poor Maintenance

Public transportation has expanded in so many ways. Instead of taking the train people are using their personal cars, taking a plane, or going on a bus. Taking a bus is a great option for people who do not have the desire to fly, but just like any other vehicle on the road, buses are […]

Motorcycle Deaths Declining In California

After a string of bad years, motorcyclists are finally hearing some good news. Motorcycle accidents are just as common as car accidents, but more likely to end up in fatality. For the past few years, motorcycle fatalities have been increasing. Thankfully, California is finally starting to see a decline in fatalities. However, that doesn’t mean […]

How Long Does A Catastrophic Accident Claim Take?

Patience. It is arguably one of the hardest virtues. Patience is hard because it requires you to take life day by day and sometimes hour by hour. Learning to be patient is never easy. Think of the last time you were really hungry and you had to wait for food? Think about the discomfort. Think […]

Large Truck Carrying Shards of Glass Topples Over

Driving on a roadway can be pretty scary. You are surrounded by so many cars full of strangers you have never met and probably never meet. The next time you are driver, pause to consider all the cars that are around you. Don’t take your eyes off the road, but consider all the lives that […]

Jogger Bitten By Dog And It’S Owner

Jogging through the park just isn’t what it used to be. Despite all the technology watching us and tracking us, there are still surprises to be had in the park. Our Los Angeles Dog Attack Attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC has the privilege of working with clients who have been through a mess of […]

Slip and Falls Cost City Millions Of Dollars

Think back to your early childhood days. Maybe you were in middle school. Think about an embarrassing moment. This may not have been your experience, but many who slipped and fell while at school know the trauma of facing the laughter as you got back up. Maybe your books spilled everywhere as you fell walking […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Distracted Driving

Have you heard the news? Do you know the new trend? Distracted driving is on the rise and heading to a car accident involving you. Scary? Yes. Morbid? Maybe. Do we want you to be safe on the road? 100%. Our Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC are here to tell […]

Diving Into Catastrophe

When is the last time you jumped off of a diving board? If you aren’t a frequent member of an Olympic style pool or a recreational pool known for its diving team, then the likelihood of seeing or using a diving board is probably slim to none. Why is that? If you look at pool […]

Complex Lyft Accidents

It is a Friday night and you are about to let loose and wild with your friends. You decide to try Lyft rideshare because they sent you a coupon in your email. Why not try them out? All your friends use them and you feel like have a few drinks tonight. You choose the app […]

2 Big Myths Of Slip And Fall Accidents

Have you ever fallen in front of important people or people you admired? It is so embarrassing. You fall and then everyone has to help you up and ask if you are okay. Falling is never graceful, but it can cause some serious injuries. As embarrassing as falling can be, if you suffer from an […]

Truck Jumps Curb Injuring 9

Sidewalks are more than just concrete slabs. It is a legal battleground. Pedestrians are the only ones who can use a sidewalk. Pedestrians and animals. Bicyclists aren’t even allowed to use sidewalks. Skateboards and roller blades are tolerated, but sidewalks are prime pedestrian and pet territory. Rightly, so. Not everyone likes to drive or talk […]

Understanding Negligence In Premises Liability Case

Have you ever walked into a super cramped store and thought that something was going to crash down on you? Have you ever walked down the aisle of grocery stores and wonder if anyone is going to notice that spilled bottle of soda? When people walk into stores or onto different properties they are accepting […]

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