Pedestrians Aren’t Always Walking When They Get Hit

What people hear the term pedestrian they think of someone walking around. They think that a pedestrian is someone who chooses to walk instead of using a vehicle. However, the truth is a pedestrian is simply someone who is not in a vehicle. A pedestrian is someone who is standing outside their house or next to their vehicle. It is someone who is leaving their car to run into to get something. Most often people don’t consider pedestrians to the person who is standing next to their broken down vehicle.
The side of the road is dangerous. 30% of accidents happen to people who are not in their cars. Car insurance doesn’t only cover those who hit one car against another. Car insurance also includes if the car hits a pedestrian. If you or someone you love was injured as a pedestrian then you have options. First, you need to make sure that you call the police. Too many times drivers will get spooked that they hit someone and will run off. Hit and runs are challenging if the driver isn’t found. When the police arrive, if able, make sure a detailed report is made and seek witnesses if there are any.
Second, make sure you keep details about the medical expenses due to the injuries. These medical expenses are necessary to show what finances you need to cover your situation. Third, you need to speak with our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group. We have the resources and education to ensure that you are getting treated fairly and represented with the right amount of aggression and care.

A Sad Story

Accidents happen everywhere, and yes, even on the side of our roads in Palmdale. Unfortunately, one morning a man in his 60’s was standing next to his parked car when another man was driving and ran into him. Due to the immediate impact, the pedestrian suffered from major head and body trauma. He did not make it and was pronounced dead on the scene. It was unclear whether the driver who caused the accident was under the influence. Officers are awaiting a blood result. Until then the family of the 65-year-old whose life was taken is awaiting justice.
Accidents do not have to resort in death in order for something to be legally done about it. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries as a pedestrian then you have the right to a civil suit. As a pedestrian, you have certain responsibilities and as long as those are followed then you deserve to be compensated for the injuries your sustain. Do not let the insurance companies bully you into thinking that you do not get as much because you were not in a vehicle. Instead, reach out to our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group in Palmdale to get the representation you need to get the results you deserve.


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