Personal Injuries Come in a Variety of Scenarios

For those of us who aren’t in the legal world, when we think about personal injury we may think of car accidents or the classic falling on the wet floor bit. Even though those are real life situations, there are other situations that are more common and severe.
At Compass Law Group, LLP in Santa Clarita we want to ensure that you are represented by a legal team who are experts in your case. In order to do that we have different kinds of categories that represent personal injury cases:
Household Accidents: You work hard to get your house in order. So what happens if your new oven spontaneously catches on fire during cleaning mode? Who will help pay for your personal damages to your kitchen or maybe even your whole house?
E-Cigarettes: In the early 2000’s e-cigarettes were hitting the market as a “healthier” alternative to regular cigarettes. They boasted less carcinogens and a way to monitor your nicotine. They weren’t , however, being closely monitored by the FDA yet. Thus these contraptions were being used and some were exploding in consumers’ faces. Thus, causing severe damages to the face and other parts of the body.
Wet Floor Accidents and Slip & Fall Accidents: These kinds of incidences can be really dangerous, particularly if you are elderly or extremely sensitive to bumps and bruises. Typically when you have cases of falling it is due to negligent parties failing to signal to walkers that there is an unsafe condition.
Hotel Accidents: We have included this particular category because we have a firm belief that everyone should enjoy their holiday, but also because if you get hurt while on vacation, we want you to know that it is not your fault. Hotel management should take care of any outdoor or indoor structure including pools and gyms or other amenities. We don’t mean to suggest that you can just trip up the stairs and land in a lawsuit, but what if the stairs were in need of repair and it finally gave way while you were walking up it? There are certain situations where we can prove negligence on the hotel, and get you compensation for the damages the hotel caused you while on vacation.
Fire Related Accident: If you have ever seen the show This Is Us, then you know that the fire scene was one of the most anticipated of all the episodes. Spoiler Alert: The fire was caused by a faulty wired crockpot. Now, you can’t sue yourself, but if you do find yourself with serious burns you may want to check with your landlord. There could be fault found on the landlord for not keeping the wiring up to code; thus, causing this incident.
This is not an exhaustive list of personal injury scenarios. Our Santa Clarita Personal Injury Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP want you to know that there is no accident to small or too big for us to handle. Our goal is to keep our community safe and in order to do that we must keep you healthy.


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